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The raid on Lorien has long been in the waiting. The Elves have tricked and cursed our forces in these parts. Today that will end!
~ The Mouth of Sauron during his first mission in the Evil Campaign

The Mouth of Sauron is a villainous protagonist in the evil campaign of Battle for Middle-Earth II. The Mouth here proves himself worse than most versions of the character, especially in the evil campaign.

Biography (Evil Campaign)


When the war in Lorien is beginning, the Mouth of Sauron, who hails from Dol Guldur, on horseback explains to his cronies that the raid has been long waiting to happen and that the elves have tricked and cursed their forces in these parts which will be the end for them.

One of his cronies explains to him that they must put an army together in order to raid the elven city and they will need to start by constructing a cave and is pleased that a goblin cave will pander to their need for their attack on Loried.

Once the goblin army has been formed, the Mouth's crony advises the creation of a second tunnel to generate resources for their army. After the second tunnel was created, the Mouth's faction are now able to move through Loried quickly.

The Mouth's faction was also able to recruit a cave troll into their ranks for its destructive prowess on Loried. They then proceed to create a fissure to recruit further of these trolls for their attack on Loried.

While preparing, the elves attack from the trees, leading to the Mouth's forces retaliating while the fissure gets improved to recruit even more cave trolls. As per his crony's advice, the Mouth sends his forces across the river to deal with the approaching elves, with the Mouth telling his crony that such courage must be quelled.

Once the fissure was upgraded, the Mouth summons the trolls and orders his army to raze Caras Galadhon, the stronghold of Lorien, to the ground. After constructing a defensive measure, the Mouth's forces continue to carry out the carnage.

When Lady Galadriel and Lord Celebron tell the Mouth and his men to fear rheir wrath, the Mouth's orders his army to kill them, calling their pending deaths a pleasure. The Mouth also has giants freed to further the Black Lieutenant's carnage.

After Lord Celebron was slain, he asks Lady Galadriel to warn others of the Mouth of Sauron's attack. The Mouth himself laughs at this and orders that the insolent elves to be punished while telling one of his cronies that they will deal with her later. The Mouth also remarks how the reign of Mordor is growing near before the remaining target buildings get destroyed, leading to the remaining elves retreating.


As the western land is ravaged, the Mouth leads Sauron's forces northward into Mirkwood through the old forest road to explell the wood elves from their homes in order to cease the road itself, then they can dominate the rest of Mirkwood. An orc oficer also explains they can cross over the bridge across the river to the north.

As the Mouth's forces make some preparations, the bridge gets destroyed forcing the Mouth's forces to find another way which was soon discovered by an orc officer. They also retaliate when the wood elves begin to attack.

After the dark forces continue to build up their army and resources, they proceed to get fire in order to burn down a group of Ents and their base in order to make progress. When they come across the elves, they proceed to fight against them under orders from the Mouth of Sauron which also includes building sentry towers in designated locations the elves aimed to build their own.

After all said and done, the Mouth's forces proceed to destroy the elven fortresses along with four elven towers to finally have controll over the road.

When taking over these elven lands, the Mouth can purchase the summoning power for spiderlings as war beasts. This pretty much will serve to amplify the carnage the black lieutenant is leading.

After several battle towers were built by the Mouth's forces, he proceeds to have them continue their assault in order to claim the lands to ensure Sauron's plans succeed. After one last tower was built, the Mouth's carnage culminates in the total control of the old forest road which also resulted in the surviving elds either scattering or fleeing northwest.

Withered Heath

When Sauron seeks an ally against the dwarves who were fighting with dragons, the Mouth of Sauron sets off to form an alliance with the latter creatures while asking who would dare defy him.

As the carnage rages on, the Mouth of Sauron learns that the dwarves captured some of the young dragons and must free them to add up the carnage ensuing in the battle, gloating about how courage will wane and the dwarves will all die with their blood spilled.

After breaking through a gate, the Mouth's soldiers level the bodycount further on the dwarves as the he tells them to show them their graves.

After all the drakes are freed, the dark forces proceed to track down the dragon lord while killing all in their path. Once the Mouth reaches the lord, he proceeds to propose an alliance between the dragons and Sauron. After the dragon accepts this proposal, the surviving dwarves were forced to retreat and the allied forces of evil set their sights on Erebor.


The dark forces under the Mouth arrive to carry out their plan to capture Erebor and controll the lands east of the Misty Mountains. But first, they must empty out the city of Dale and seize all the resources they could find while a siege party wastes away at the buildings.

Once the city was captured, the Mouth proceeds to go along with building a fortress worthy of Sauron while the carnage in Erebor rages on, leading to more buildings being destroyed.

To further this carnage, the Mouth of Sauron has a watcher summoned to help him out with this scheme. The Mouth also can have King Dain and the Dwarves of Erebor be wiped out. After conquerring Erebor, the dwarves get purged from the mountain hall like they were from the mines of Moria.


With Rivendell as the last refuge for the people of Middle-Earth, the Mouth of Sauron seeks to claim it for his master and extinguish the last hope for the people of Middle-Earth. With Frodo dead and the remaining people having fled to Rivendell, the Mouth of Sauron joins the siege as his master is heading there from the west.

During the siege, the Mouth can order forged swords and capture a building to get flaming arrows ready for his troops. They also proceed to slaughter the last of the Dunedain once they've found them to have survived.

The fellbeasts also arrive to kill any eagles that arrive to help those in Rivendell. The Easterlings also arrive to aid the Mouth in conquering Rivendell for his master. At this time, Gandalf, Aragorn, and Legolas prepare to help out the people in Rivendell against the dark forces.

The dark forces find themselves steeling their defenses against the army of the dead while making it a priority to kill Aragorn and company. Sauron also arrives to aid in the conquest for Rivendell. Arwen soon tries to help Aragorn and company defend Rivendell from the dark forces but soon gets fatally wounded in battle.

A balrog also joins in on the carnage where it starts destroying a building. Once the last building was destroyed and the last leaders of the free people are dead thanks to aid from the Mouth of Sauron, Sauron himself proceeds to carry out his campaign of darkness over Middle-Earth with the Mouth taking pleasure from this sight.



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