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Mouthpiece is a major antagonist in Borderlands 3 and the main antagonist of the first section of the game. A powerful bandit that quickly swore himself to the Calypso Twins, he became one of their very first followers and very first lieutenants. Completely fanatical in his devotion to them, the Mouthpiece serves as the public voice of The Children of The Vault, serving much like a priest leading a church and sharing sermons in service to them across Pandora and beyond.


Mouthpiece was a band it of Pandora who answered the first call of the Children of The Vault, before it was even officially formed. He became one of the Calypso twins first followers and was immediately given a position of power within the cult for his brutal ferocity and dedication. He would create a base known as the Holy Broadcast Center, from which he would create and release COV propaganda across Pandora. This also included live streaming tortures and murders of those deemed "heretics", and even of cult members themselves, eager sacrifices to prove themselves to the Twin Gods. When the new Vault Hunters arrived to put an end to them, the HBC was seiged and after confronting the heroes himself, the Mouthpiece was slain.

However, in a short time after his demise, the twins held a contest to see who would become the new Mouthpiece. This was won by an individual who for all intents and purposes was practically the exact same man, as he so put it, "Because I look and sound just like the last guy!"


The Mouthpiece is completely subservient to the Calypso Twins and the definition of a fanatical zealot in their name. Truly believing them to be gods, he worships them as such, and spreads the word of their cult to all who will listen, and forcefully to those who don't. He helped transform the cult into practically a religion itself, and leads sermons and lectures constantly across the media.

While appearing and sounding like a priest of a religious order, he, much like most bandits, is also extremely brutal and violent. He regularly massacres innocent people en mass and streams himself doing so as part of his job. Be it "purging" the heretics or giving "sacrificial blood offerings" to the twin gods. While death is all but guaranteed, getting there isn't so simple, as he also livestreams horrific tortures of his captives as well.