The leader is good, the leader is great. We surrender our will as of this date.
~ The Movementarian chant.

The Movementarians are a villainous cult that appeared in The Simpsons episode "The Joy of Sect".

They are first seen on the Springfield airport inviting people to spend a free weekend on their community compound, during which they convince them to resign their possessions and join the Movementarians to work in their community farm, all of this with the help of brainwashing films and songs, group therapy sessions, low-protein gruel, and the promise of taking them to the planet of Blisstonia in a spaceship which is kept inside of "The Forbidden Barn". The head of this organization is a mysterious man known as "The Leader", who is responsible for the spaceship and the mission involving it.

When the Simpson family moves to the Movementarian compound, Homer is the only of them convinced, but eventually the kids are converted as well. Marge bravely escapes and recruits Reverend Lovejoy, Groundskeeper Willie and Ned Flanders to help her rescue and de-programmed her family. Once they are back to normal, Homer returns to the farm to show the Movementarian community there is nothing in the Forbidden Barn, but it turns out there actually is a spaceship on the inside. However, as it flies away while the Leader tells Homer that his lack of faith has doomed mankind, its outer layer falls apart, revealing a human-powered helicopter which the Leader is using to take all the money with him, but it quickly crashes down onto Cletus' house, who takes the money by threatening the Leader with a shotgun.



  • According to the producers of the episode, several real-life cults were the inspiration for the Movementarians, such as the Peoples' Temple, Heaven's Gate and Scientology.


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