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Villain Overview

We aren't a family, sir! You are the boss, we are the employees!
~ Moxxie criticizing his boss over how he views their company.
Oh crumbs!
~ Moxxie whenever he is shocked.

Moxxie is the deuteragonist of Helluva Boss, a spin-off series set in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel. He is the weapons analyst for I.M.P, Blitzo’s right-hand man and “best friend”, and Millie’s husband.

He is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz, who also played Kaos in the Skylanders franchise, Zim in Invader Zim, Sheshou in Mulan, Aviarius in Kim Possible, Stuart Zurgo in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, and the Monster Convict from Superjail!.



Nothing is known about Moxxie's past, except that he was born to an unknown mother and father, before they were presumably killed as revealed in the pilot. Sometime before the events of Helluva Boss, he met Millie, and the two would then date and marry each other.

Helluva Boss

Moxxie is a long-suffering member of I.M.P who wants to bring some discipline and order to the company, being much more serious about actually making I.M.P work than Blitzo. He often argues with Blitzo and finds him to be infuriating due to his unprofessional nature and his tendency to stalk Moxxie day and night (to the point Blitzo has even sat and watched Moxxie sleep, asking him what he was dreaming about).

Moxxie is, however, also rather neurotic and prone to angry outbursts and stress - he also was the one who accidentally sniped a child, an event that showed I.M.P's somewhat twisted morality system as the demons worked to save the child's life only for said child to eventually go on a vulgar rampage in which he called them all out on their flaws, he called Moxxie spineless - causing Moxxie to cower in fear, though he also grew angry when the child proceeded to insult his wife, Millie.

All of I.M.P were thus happy when they learned the child was actually their target after all and Blitzo promptly shot him, Moxxie and Millie then proceeded to beat the body and dumped it back on Earth (this was one of the few times he and Blitzo somewhat got along).


~ Moxxie when he sees Blitzo outside his window, filming him and Millie.
I'm sorry. They just seemed so wholesome and happy. I panicked!
~ Moxxie trying to justify his mistakes and hesitation to kill the woman in a family
Theme parks always disturbed me. Especially the mascots.


  • Due to being imps Moxxie, Millie and Blitzo are seen as the lowest of Hell's citizenry (only outranking hellhounds) which may further explain their drive for fame and wealth.
  • In the Pilot Episode, he apparently had a dream/nightmare of his parents being murdered. Which heavily implies he may have once been a human born in the human realm that has gotten to hell instead of getting born in hell like Loona, Blitzo, Millie, etc. It remains unknown why he may have gotten to hell despite his good/admirable/logical morals earlier on until being corrupted by Blitzo.
    • It is also unknown if he may have perpetrated this patricide/matricide or if someone else may have done so.
  • Moxxie's name is based on the word "moxie" which means "to have fighting spirit".
  • After defeating Striker Moxxie obtained his Blessed Sniper-Rifle, it is likely that I.M.P. retains this weapon, meaning the team now has access to Exorcist technology (the only way to truly kill residents of Hell).
  • Moxxie's Instagram account is @simply_moxxie.
  • In Vivziepop's Twitter account, a tweet of Moxxie is revealed to be bisexual while holding a bisexual pride flag with Charlie Magne from Hazbin Hotel on Bi Visibility Week.
    • In episodes his personal comments may have foreshadowed his bisexuality such as him finding a romantic remark of a man who said he wanted to kiss him was a kind flattering offer which strengthens the proof he is bisexual.
  • Moxxie makes a cameo in Vivziepop's 2019 short Holidaze as an ornament on a Christmas Tree. Additionally, there is a tree carved with initials "M+M →B←" in a heart that alludes to him and Millie (and by extension Blitzo).
  • Moxxie is the most abused, unlucky and bullied characters of the entire series, as he's being hurt every time by someone or something.
  • There is a large photo of what could possibly be Moxxie and Millie's wedding photo in the meeting room. In it, Moxxie is wearing a white suit, while Millie is wearing a long strapless black dress and has wild hair that goes down past her hips. It appears Blitzo has drawn over the photo in red marker to draw himself hugging them.
    • This same photo seems to be in their living room, although you can only see the bottom half and it does not have Blitzo's graffiti.
  • Moxxie breaks the fourth wall in "Spring Broken", where he (along with the whole I.M.P crew) all collectively looking with disapproval straight at the camera.
  • As of "Ozzie's", Moxxie and Mille have been married for a year.

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