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Villain Overview

Let's look at the big picture. I have the Genie, Aladdin is dead and my plans for world conquest are shaping up nicely. All in all, it's been a good night.
~ Mozenrath
Well, I could rave all night, but I got a city to destroy!
~ Mozenrath

Mozenrath is one of the main villains in the Aladdin television series, and arguably the most dangerous. He is an immensely powerful teenaged sorcerer who rules a dark kingdom and strives to take over the world, only to be opposed by Aladdin. He is widely regarded as the best villain of the show and Aladdin's new archenemy after Jafar.

He was voiced by the late Jonathan Brandis, while Jeff Bennett voiced him in "Black Sand". His mannerism and attitude were inspired by those of Brandis himself.


I single-handedly conquered the Land of the Black Sand! I became the most powerful sorceror of our age! And that's only the start. I WILL RULE THE SEVEN DESERTS!

Mozenrath is a young sorcerer, barely older than Aladdin, and the ruler of the Land of the Black Sand: a desolated land solely populated by his army of undead Mamluks. He is always tailed by his familiar Xerxes, a flying, talking eel, fully devoted to him, who serves as his spy, his assistant, and sometimes his punching ball when he is angry.

Mozenrath is a total antithesis of Aladdin. He is a pale, physically frail, malevolent and ambitious schemer, lavishly clothed, while Aladdin is a tanned, athletic, gentle, selfless and quick-thinking former beggar.


Aladdin: People could have been hurt!
Mozenrath: ...And your point would be?
~ Aladdin and Mozenrath.

Mozenrath is cruel, ruthless, arrogant, over-proud, scornful, greedy and ambitious. His malevolence and lust for power are often compared to Jafar's, prompting Iago to nickname him "Jafar Junior". He doesn't care the slightest about those who he might harm during his experiences, to the point of showing disbelief when Aladdin chose helping people over personal benefit.

He wants to grow powerful enough to take over the magical realms of the Seven Deserts (and possibly the entire world). Ever since Aladdin first thwarted his schemes, he swore to destroy him and all he holds dear.

Like many powerful villains, Mozenrath is calm, collected, aristocratic and refined. He enjoys dominating the situation and taunting his enemies with dark humor and false courtesy. He is highly intelligent, cunning and scheming. He can devise very clever traps and schemes, guess things right from very few facts, think on his feet and quickly adapt to unexpected events. While he prefers direct confrontation over manipulation, he's certainly not above the latter. In most cases, albeit only when it serves his interests, he proves to be a man of honor, to whoever fulfills their part of a bargain and rewards generously those whom he hired. All this prompts him to firmly protect what he believes to be rightfully his and to protest whenever he himself gets double-crossed (which only happens once in the show).

Yet, he is also shown being stubborn, impatient, spoiled and somewhat petulant. When people refuse to work for him he coerces them to do what he wants and he tries to gain something from every situation. When his plans fail, he is prone to ranting like a bratty child. He also gets angry at the mere idea of Aladdin being murdered by someone else. He even displays jealousy towards Aladdin, "who got the magic of a Genie on a silver platter", while he had to make harsh sacrifices to reach his situation.

Powers and Abilities

Are you CLEAR on just how excruciatingly painful my powers can be?!
~ Mozenrath loses his temper after Jasmine proves her superior fighting skills.

Unsurprisingly, Mozenrath is an immensely powerful sorcerer. His power matches Jafar's own as well as Mirage's and Genie's, who often defeats Mozenrath with ease, but on more than one occasion, Mozenrath defeats Genie with the same kind of quickness, meaning their powers are on equal footing.

He claims to be "the most powerful sorcerer of [his] time" and this is obviously not an idle claim, given all the feats of magic he can perform, namely flight, teleporting himself and other people and objects, opening portals between two places and even between dimensions, making an image of himself appear where he isn't physically present, shapeshift himself and others, animate and bewitch objects, generate tangible illusions (like a woman holding a baby or a dragon), infuse anything with his magic in order to control it, compel creatures and people alike, perform telekinesis, increase his own strength, fire energy blasts and dark fire-bolts, create a dark, sticky matter which he uses to capture people and can compress to the size of a marble, etc.

The main source of his power resides in the magical gauntlet that he wears on his right hand. Taking away his gauntlet renders him powerless. Using the gauntlet comes with a heavy price, however, as it rots away his flesh, reducing his right forearm to mere bones. The gauntlet also drains his life force, which could very well be the reason as to why Mozenrath is physically frail and also condemns him to a premature demise.


Cowards Xerxes, all of them.
~ Mozenrath's first line in the show
My only goal now is to hear your tortured screams.
~ Mozenrath to Aladdin
Aladdin, I'm so pleased you're alive, for the moment.
~ Mozenrath glad to see that Aladdin's still alive before trying to kill him.
So, what was the damage? Gruesome I hope?
Ho-oh-oh, if looks could bruise!
~ Mozenrath to Jasmine after calling her a "royal pain".
Today is the first day of the rest of your miserable life.
~ Mozenrath to Amin Damoola after his failure and final defeat.
Y'know how I've made a career out of collecting magic? Well! Your genie .. will now be my genie.
~ Mozenrath's objective throughout a few of his appearances.
Aladdin: You'll never get Genie.
Mozenrath: And who is gonna stop me, Aladdin? You? You who refused to be a sultan so you could play The Hero?
Aladdin: Beats some of your hobbies.
~ Mozenrath and Aladdin
It's been nice knowing you Aladdin. ...Then again? No it hasn't!
~ Mozenrath blasts Aladdin.
Why tell you? when I can show you.
Are you clear on just how excruciatingly painful my powers can be?.
Sprite: Have a heart.
Mozenrath: If you insist, I'll take yours
~ Mozenrath threatening the sprites.
Why talk about it? when I can show you.


  • Mozenrath's name is the contraction of "Motz and Roth", Bill Motz and Bob Roth being the writers of the sorcerer's debut episode The Citadel. Ironically, they thought that making Aladdin's new archenemy about Aladdin's age would not work.
  • The Aladdin staff first planned to make Mozenrath appear in the third movie as the primary antagonist. However, they later decided to distance themselves from the television series, because they couldn't get in touch with Jonathan Brandis among other reasons. This started a rumor, according to which Mozenrath would have been revealed to be Aladdin's long lost brother.
  • Mozenrath's Mamluks are named sfter the slave soldiers who served the Ottoman Empire during the Middle Ages.
  • Despite being the main antagonist of the show, he only made nine episode appearances.
  • It is unknown what Mozenrath's fate is, or was, as in the final episode he appears in, Two to Tangle, it is stated that he's dying, and at the end of the episode, he and Xeres are trapped and sent away in a hot air balloon. It's likely that he eventually died.
  • It's said that many fans of Mozenrath wrote to Square Enix, asking them to make Mozenrath appear in the following Kingdom Hearts game. Whether this is true or not, the game's concepts seem to follow the movies.
  • In Black Sand, Mozenrath was voiced by Jeff Bennett instead of Jonathan Brandis.
  • Hey may have been the inspiration of Zevon from Descendants: Wicked World, since Zevon shares a lot of similarities with him such as both being the darkest villains from their series as well as both being teenage sorcerers who appear as the arch-nemesis of their series' main protagonist.
  • It is interesting to note that Mozenrath is able to perform the magic even in the other hand where he does not wear the glove. It is possible that Mozenrath has magical powers in himself, and that the glove only considerably increases them.
    • Similarly, it is unlikely that Destane, an exceptionally powerful wizard, would take a student without real magical powers.
  • Mozenrath is very similar to Jafar, as they are both evil sorcerers who once served under a monarch until ultimately betraying them and taking their kingdoms for themselves, had loyal pets whom they abuse regularly and are sworn enemies of Aladdin.
    • Iago made notice of these similarities and referred to him as "Jafar Jr."

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