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John & Patricia Vale are background, later posthumous minor yet pivotal antagonists in Batman: The Telltale Series.

They are a married couple that were the foster parents of Vicki Vale, who later revealed her true identity as Lady Arkham. It is soon revealed that these two brutally abused Vicki in a hidden chamber underneath their basement. As such, they are ultimately the ones responsible for Vicki Vale's fall into villainy.


Episode Four: Guardian of Gotham

After getting out of Arkham Asylum, Batman tracks Vicki Vale to her foster parents' home address and finds the Vales having been brutally murdered; Patricia Vale was drugged to death and had her eyes gouged out, and John Vale was beaten and hung with his own belt. While gathering evidence, Batman concludes that Lady Arkham didn't need her foster parents around to support her old identity as Vicki Vale, as well as seeing that John's company warehouse provided the perfect hiding place for her drugs. Batman also finds a young boy, the Vales' adopted son, who hid during the attack, who, if Batman was gentle and compassionate towards the child, informs the vigilante that the attacker mentioned drugs and attacking the police. But if Batman was intimidating and stern, the boy will feel frightened towards the vigilante and become afraid of him, thus he won't tell him anything (though he will presumably tell the GCPD about what he heard following the scenario off-screen). Batman and the boy were then attacked by a drone sent by Penguin but were able to destroy it before either of them are harmed.

Episode Five: City of Light

After Alfred was kidnapped by Lady Arkham, Batman goes back to the Vales' house and finds a secret room underneath their basement. It is revealed that Alfred managed to get into the underground chamber and leave a sign for Batman to find his (and Lady Arkham's) location. However, the chamber also revealed that Vicki Vale was abused with belts and was chained there for what could have only been days and nights. Batman concludes that Vicki is consumed by hatred and vengeance because it's all she's ever known and that Lady Arkham was born in that room from her parent's abuse.

When Batman brought up her parents in front of her, Lady Arkham stated that she only survived the abuse by thinking how she would exact revenge on them one day.

It is unknown why the Vales abused their foster children in such a horrific way, reasons range from possible insanity/mental illness or the likelihood that they were just depraved and sadistic. Regardless, they are ultimately the reason for Lady Arkham's existence.



  • It is likely that the Vales only adopted Vicki and their son for the money they received, as according to a paper that Batman can optionally find in their house, they were receiving a significant stipend.
  • It is unclear whether they abused their son like they abused Vicki. Although it is likely and implied when he begged Batman not to "send him to punishment" if the Dark Knight was caring and gentle towards the boy.


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