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Mr. Abel is an unseen major antangonist in the 2018 videogame Red Dead Redemption II. He serves as the bigger bad of the first part of the game's epilogue.


While not seen, it's mentioned that he tries to gain more land, by forcing the land owners to sell their land. For his goals, he hired the Laramie Gang to intimidate the land owners of Weste Elizabeth and gave them his ranch, Hanging Dog Ranch, which they use as their hideout.

David Geddes, the owner of Pronghorn Ranch, however refuses to sell his property. This leads to frequently attacks of the Laramies, assaulting the ranch hands of Geddes. John Marston, a newcomer to the ranch fights them of three times beforce starting an own assault on Hanging Dog Ranch, together with Tom Dickens and Abe, which leaves all gang members dead.

Later, Marston can encounter a screaming woman, asking him for help after her husband was attacked and locked in his own basement. Marston arrives at the household, to find two of Mr. Abel's goons, who aren't part of the Laramie Gang however, torturing the man. He finishes them of quickly, and the man thanks him and rides out to return to his wife.


  • Mr. Abel is the only major antagonist who survives the events of the game and doesn't appear in Red Dead Redemption.
  • He is one of the few unseen antagonists, alongside Guido Martelli, in the game.


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