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It’s not your place to understand. And even though you'll never admit it, there many other things you will never completely understand.
~ Ash to Calypso.

Mr. Ash is an antagonist in the Twisted Metal video game series.


Mr. Ash is a dark and powerful being. Even though Mr. Ash appears to be human, he is a demon. In fact, he is one of Hell's leaders. Mr. Ash is responsible for creating powerful demons.



Minion was one of Mr. Ash's strongest demons. One day, a man named Calypso was sent to Hell after crashing into a wall. Mr. Ash pitted Minion against Calypso in a demolition derby. Calypso managed to survive and won the demolition derby. In the process, Calypso also managed to acquire Minion's ability to grant wishes.

Later, Calypso met Satan who is a big fan of demolition derbies. Satan noticed Calypso's ability to grant wishes. He offered Calypso an opportunity: collect the souls of the most skilled drivers. In return, Satan would return Calypso to Earth. Desperate to leave Hell, Calypso accepted the offer. He returned to Earth and created Twisted Metal as a way to fulfill his part of the offer.

Mr. Ash didn't know about the event or he didn't care. He wasn't even bothered about Calypso stealing Minion's ability to grant wishes.


Years later, Calypso stole Black who belonged to Mr. Ash. Black was powerful enough to destroy the entire Earth. He planned to send Black into an alternate universe and kill a darker version of himself. Before Calypso had a chance to send Black, Mr. Ash arrived after winning Twisted Metal. Despite Calypso's pleas, Mr. Ash reclaimed Black and returned to Hell. Calypso's plan was completely destroyed. Despite the loss of Black, Calypso continued to run Twisted Metal.

Twisted Metal III

Mr. Ash appears in Twisted Metal III as the first boss of the game. He has no ending and he isn't a playable character. The manual states that Mr. Ash is in the contest to simply be an obstacle to other contestants.


I came to get back what's mine. Let's go, Black. It’s time to come home.
~ Mr. Ash
Heh, and you, Black. I granted you more power than I granted any other demon and YOU left. You. Left. Me.
~ Mr. Ash
Let’s go, Black. The fires of Hell need fuel.
~ Mr. Ash





  • In Twisted Metal: Small Brawl, a younger version of Mr. Ash, now with the first name Jimmy, controls Darkside. His motivations remain unknown.
  • While it wasn't outright said, Mr. Ash is implied to be either Satan or a top-ranked lieutenant. Considering his abilitiy in subduing Black with no effort, it can be said that he is the most powerful character in the series.
  • Mr. Ash was eventually replaced by Dollface as the driver of Darkside.
  • Mr. Ash is the only character in Twisted Metal (1995) to never make a wish.


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