Cut the butt-kissing, Richfield!!
~ Mr. Ashland to Richfield

Mr. Ashland is a major antagonist in Dinosaurs.

He is voiced by John Vernon.


Mr. Ashland is the Chief Executive Officer of WESAYSO. He is notable for being the only dinosaur who has higher control over WESAYSO than B.P. Richfield. Richfield is in the same rank that was of another WESAYSO worker who was killed for disapproval by Mr. Ashland. He only appeared in "Power Erupts," proving that there are in fact dinosaurs even more evil than B.P. Richfield. Ashland summons Richfield, who kowtows before his superior, to discuss the corporation's strategy regarding Robbie Sinclair's free-energy concept. Ashland detests butt-kissers and he mounts their heads on his wall to prove his point (something which even creeps out Richfield). He also keeps a pet lawyer named Elliot in a box on his desk.

His ambitions are even more evil than B.P. Richfield. He believes that WESAYSO must gain their advantage by unfair cruelty to others, regardless of whom.


  • Mr. Ashland is the Greater Scope Villain of the entire Dinosaurs TV series, as he is arguably more evil than Richfield, and might be the reason Richfield is such a jerk all the time.
  • He only appeared in one episode, mostly B.P. Richfield is the only one who calls the shots.


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