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Mr. Avericci is the main villain of the Archie Comics episode "Mega Mall Of Horrors".


While Mr. Avericci appeared to be an affable businessman at first, willing to help his clients find what they were looking for, in reality he was a desperate, selfish man who would do anything to pay off his debt to the Devil.

It was also indicated that he was willing to renounce his humanity to satiate his greed, as his true form was that of a demonic creature.

The reason he sold his soul to the Devil in the first place was because he was a rampant shopaholic who was willing to resort to doing so to satisfy his desires.

Aside from wishing to repay the Devil so that he would not have his soul taken by him, it is also indicated that he had a fondness for mannequins, as he would transform his victims into them prior to giving their souls to his employer.


Mr. Avericci’s true form.


In order to pay off his debt to the fiend he sold his soul to, Mr. Avericci opened up a mall in Riverdale. Due to him hypnotizing teenagers into entering the mall, Pop Tate‘s restaurant begins to go out of business.

When Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead, and Reggie visit his mall, they realize they do not have money to spend.

However, Mr. Avericci gives them cards so they can do so. He foreshadows his true nature but Archie does not get suspicious.

Archie realizes that teenagers are starting to disappear, but the hypnotic music emanating from Mallhalla prevents them from realizing what is going on.

Ultimately, Jughead is the only teenager left, as he is the only one able to resist him. Avericci attempts to make him spend money with a buffet, but Pop Tate reveals to Jughead that he is going out of business.

Angered, Jughead rips up his card. This causes Avericci to lose some of his power and reduce him to a slimy form. His hypnotic music players are also destroyed, causing Jughead to realize what is going on.

Avericci attempts to devour Jughead, but fails to do so. He rescues everyone and the Devil claims Avericci’s soul for his failure, destroying the mall in the process.


  • His name is a pun for the term "avaricious", which means "greedy". This is more than fitting for his greedy personality.