Mr. Baek is the main antagonist of 2005 korean movie Lady Vengeance. He was portrayed by the powerhouse korean actor Choi-Min-Sik who also portrayed Jang Kyung-chul in I saw the devil.

Mr Baek is a kid school teacher who secretly kidnaps and kills the kids for money and pleasure. He blackmails and frames Geum-Jaa-lee for murder of one of his victims.

After spending 13 years in Jail Lee returns for her revenge , but after realising that he has been killing children for a long time because he hates them, she hands over him to the children's respective parents who kills him brutally in an act of revenge.


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  • Mr Baek is portrayed by Korean superstar Choi min sik who previously appeared in Oldboy , the second installment of Vengeance Trilogy.
  • Despite beong top billed Choi min sik doesn't appear till its 50 mins in the movie.
  • Choi min sik's participation in the movie helped to gain worldwide recognition.
  • He appears in the movie for only 16 minutes and is shown as captive for most of the time.
  • He has less than 12 lines of dialogues in the movie.
  • His face is similar to Freddy Krueger since he was killed by the relatives of his murdered victim in the form of frontier justice