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Jake, when are you going to realize you are a terrible shot with that thing?
~ Barron mocking Jake's aim.
Eventually you're gonna run out of breath. And then it'll be all over. Death for your beloved Jake, and Miss Peregrine. Everlasting life for me. (Takes a whiff of Emma's breath) Ewww. And a mint for you!
~ Barron to Emma when she is using her breath to hold him back.
You think you can stand in my way? You, Jake, content to age and die as if you had not the gift of peculiarity, at all? I am a higher being. I hold the secret to eternal life!
~ Barron to Jake.

Mr. Barron is the main antagonist of the 2016 film Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. He was the leader of the Wights and Hollows and Jake and Abe's arch-nemesis. He is based on Dr. Golan from the books; however, unlike in the book, his real name and his alias as psychiatrist are swapped: While in the book, Dr. Golan is his real name, here, his real name is Mr. Barron and Dr. Golan is his psychiatrist disguise instead. Other differences include the gender of his psychiatrist disguise. Whereas the character's psychiatrist disguise in book is male, in film the gender of said disguise is female instead.

He was portrayed in his main form by the famous actor Samuel L. Jackson, who also portrayed Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction, Elijah Price in Unbreakable, Octopus in The Spirit, Officer Abel Turner in Lakeview Terrace, Stephen in Django Unchained, Frank Tenpenny in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Richmond Valentine in Kingsman: The Secret Service, Roland Cox from Jumper and Preston Packard in Kong: Skull Island.

In his disguises, he was portrayed by Asa Butterfield (In Jake's form); Rupert Everett (in John Lamont's form), who also played Prince Charming from the Shrek films, Sloan Blackburn in The Wild Thornberry's Movie and Doctor Claw in the Inspector Gadget film; and Allison Janney (in Dr. Golan's form) who also played Gladys Sharp in Over The Hedge and Ms. Grunion in Mr. Peabody and Sherman.



Barron is the leader of the Wights – human-like creatures that hunt and kill Peculiars with their "Peculiar" physical abilities so they can consume their eyeballs and become human again. He's a shapeshifting Peculiar who aspires to gain immortality.

All Wights, including Barron himself, used to be Hollowgasts, invisible abominations that were created as a result of a failed experiment to become immortals by using a Ymbryne (a Peculiar who can transform into a bird and manipulate time) done by himself and his rogue Peculiars in an unused loop, in hopes of achieving immortality. Unfortunately, the experiment went wrong and they transformed into Hollows. Barron himself is among the Hollowgasts that succeed in changing back into humans by consuming Peculiars' eyes (mainly children) and it is just a matter of time before he can perform his experiment again with even more Ymbrynes to become immortal.

Mr. Barron's polite and humorous behavior belied a child-murdering monster who cared only for his own ends.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Mr. Barron and his scientist companions before their transformation into Hollowgasts or Hollows for short.

Mr. Barron is first seen when Jake and his drugstore supervisor Shelly go to Abe's house in her car. There, it is mentioned by Abe about Barron's plan on the Blackpool loop and mentioned again by Miss Peregrine when she tells Jacob "Jake" Portman about what he and the Wights tried to do in events prior to the movie. The Wights sought to make themselves immortal by using the power of a Ymbryne. This experiment led to the creation of Hollowgasts (Hollows for short), tall monsters that are invisible to most people and will attack anyone in their path. Mr. Barron himself also became a Hollowghast, but transformed back after devouring the eyeballs of other Peculiars. Since then, Mr. Barron and the Wights have been travelling between the time loops the Peculiars live in, attacked the Peculiars and devoured their eyeballs.

Mr. Barron's true physical appearance was again with Jake in the cave loop entrance and in Miss Peregrine's home, where he threatened to kill Jake if Miss Peregrine didn't come with him. Miss Peregrine reluctantly goes with Mr. Barron, leaving Jake and the other Peculiars to deal with the Hollow, Mr. Malthus, that was approaching the home.

After dealing with Malthus that attacked Miss Peregrine's home, the group stalks Mr. Barron back to his base in the Blackpool Tower in another time loop. There, they confront the Wights in their attempt to rescue Miss Peregrine and the other Ymbrynes. The battle that ensued ultimately led to Mr. Barron's demise. Mr. Barron disguised himself as Jake in order to trick the others to kill the real Jake, thinking he's Barron in disguise, but the plan backfired when the last of his Hollows, who has mistaken him for Jake, sneaks behind him, grabs him and eats his eyes, killing him before Jake kills the Hollow. His lifeless body was left behind after the loop closed.


The breadth of my peculiarity... is purely limited by my imagination. The only thing I can't change... is my eyes.
~ Mr. Barron talking about his shapeshifting abilities.
Mr. Barron. How do you do? I saw you, at your grandfather's. I was hoping to get Miss Peregrine's address from him, but alas my travelling companion got to him before I did. And as you know, there's just no stopping a hungry Hollowghast. Speaking of my traveling companion... He's coming. And believe me, when I say to you, you don't want to be here when he arrives. So, let's be on our way... shall we?
~ Mr. Barron properly introducing himself to Jake and mockingly reminds him about his grandfather's demise before he holds him as a hostage after Jake attempts to attack him and takes him to Miss Peregrine's house as he senses one of his Hollows coming.
Miss Peregrine, what a pleasure to meet you, at last! May we come in?
~ Mr. Barron meets Miss Peregrine at her house while holding Jake hostage.
Children! Would you make your way down the stairs please?
~ Mr. Barron ordering the children come down.
You should know that Jake has served his purpose. If you value his life, I suggest everyone does as they are told.
~ Mr. Barron threatening to kill Jake if Miss Peregrine doesn't do as she's told.
I tracked Abe Portman for months. All I needed was a few minutes to get the location of Miss Peregrine's loop from him. But, no. Malthus couldn't wait. And instead, I had to masquerade as a psychiatrist for three weeks in Florida! Have you ever been to Florida? (one of his minions shook his head)
~ Mr. Barron explains to his minions about his adventure
Did I not tell you to gather the Hollows? (Miss Edwards: What if it's a trap?) Of course it is, Miss Edwards! But what of it? A couple of children against four Hollows. Let's get this over with.
~ Mr. Barron ordering his followers to take out Jake and his friends.
(Miss Edwards: I told you it's a trap.) If that's true, perhaps we should move the Ymbrynes now. (Miss Edwards: You are not serious.) Do I not look serious? Do I not look like a man who has trudged the globe looking for just one more eye to eat in hopes of regaining sufficient humanity to return to his research? A man who spent years hunting Ymbrynes in preparation for this night, and 2 -- no -- 3 days in Wales pretending to look at birds! I assure you, I will not stand idly by to see my destiny derailed.
~ Mr. Barron explaining what he has been through.
You missed me again, Jake. I take it accuracy is not your peculiarity-- (gets hit by a thrown chair, knocks Enoch unconscious, snatches Jake's crossbow and knocks him down) Abe was a much worthier adversary.
~ Mr. Barron making fun of Jake when he tells about his grandfather being more worthy than him.
Ymbrynes, here I come!
~ Mr. Barron heading towards his lab with the captured Ymbrynes.
So, Jake, I see you've inherited your grandfather's peculiarity. You're just as annoying as he was. Speaking of Abe, if you should see him in the afterlife, give him my regards.
~ Mr. Barron gets ready to kill Jake when he busts through the door.
No wait! It's me!
~ Mr. Barron's last words before his eyes were gouged out by the last of his own Hollowgasts that mistook him for Jake.


  • His abilities are strikingly similar to the T-1000 from Terminator II. Both can turn their arms into weapons (knives, swords, axes etc), and can also masquerade as anything they have (or had) physical contact with.
  • Mr. Barron's purple suit and white hair are an allusion to Elijah Price, another of Samuel L. Jackson's villainous roles.


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