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Mr. Beardo is the main antagonist in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul. He is the father and patriarch of the Beardo family and Greg's arch-nemesis.

He was portrayed by Chris Coppola.


Mr. Beardo first appears in the movie when he and his family were using the hot tub at the hotel that the Heffleys booked. He appears again after his daughter rammed the janitor trolley on his car, scratching it. His daughter blames Greg for the cause, but Greg escapes by calling another hotel visitor his dad while Mr. Beardo got distracted to talk to him. After realizing Greg escaped, he vows to find him and get revenge.

Later on, after Greg went inside his room, he woke up to find out that the room he went inside was actually Mr. Beardo's family's room. He tries to attack Greg, but Greg escapes by going past him as he runs out the door.

He then appear once again as Greg goes to the carnival, and as soon as Greg sees him, Greg tries to avoid him after Mr. Beardo sees Greg. He chases Greg into the Alien Abduction ride and tries to catch him, but accidentally pushes Rodrick's stomach and he throws up with the barf landing on Mr. Beardo's face. He appears again when Greg's luggage falls from the car and, as a way for revenge, steals the luggage that holds the the family photo album for Meemaw's birthday.

The family finds the Beardos car at the hotel and the luggage containing the photo album, but Greg and Rodrick both have to use the bathroom. After being left by Rodrick after being warned about Mr. Beardo's presence, Greg hides inside the shower room as Mr. Beardo uses the bathroom. However, Greg accidentally gives away his hiding place by turning on the shower, where Mr. Beardo finds him. He once again tries to do away with Greg, but this time Greg fights back against Mr. Beardo in the shower briefly until he overpowers Mr. Beardo by squirting soap liquid in his eye, causing him to slip in the tub. He threatens to catch the Heffleys until Frank reveals that he has his car keys and throws them in the trash bin to help the family escape. He is defeated after he goes in the trash bin to find his keys and gets a diaper stuck to his hand, parodying the "Diaper Hands" meme that Greg did. It's unknown what happens to him, as he is never seen again in the movie after this, though it's possible that he presumably gets his keys but is unable to track Greg and his family down.


  • In the book, it's never physically shown that he stole their belongings, and is in fact disproven at the end, when Greg finds their locker key in his shorts. It is only in the film that they actually steal anything.
    • Also, in the book, Greg assumes they stole their belongings at the water park. In the film, however, he stole it when the Heffley's luggage flew out of their truck.