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Shelly Smalls, better known as Mr. Big, is the main antagonist of the 2006 PBS educational TV show WordGirl. He is a self-proclaimed rich, evil corporate businessman, and CEO of the self-titled Mr. Big Industries.

He was voiced by Jeffrey Tambor.


Mr. Big's specialty is mind-control, as evidenced in his company's mission statement: "We strive to constantly use mind-control." He is considered as one of the most dangerous villains of Word Girl, as well as one of the few to actually attempt murder. He crosses the Moral Event Horizon in the episode "WordGirl Makes A Mistake", in which he traps WordGirl in a cage while she is infected also it lets everyone know that he has no problem killing and kidnapping children also infecting them with a deadly virus. He's a very arrogant villain because he's more smarter and more stronger than them.

He is a chairman and a CEO of his own business. He is the loyal leader and boss also best friend of Leslie and he causes crime with her because they have a great constantly relationship and they appreciate with each other also Leslie likes to turn Mr. Big into a successful villain that no one can defect by carrying important details like heavy labor. The main reason Leslie cares deeply cares about Mr. Big as a friend because Mr. Big treats her right also that was the main reason why Leslie always wanted to make him proud. The reason why he could willing to make Leslie happy because he likes Leslies happy demeanor and he liked the fact that Leslie deeply cares about him like a best friend would also all of that was found out in the episode called "Yes Money".

He never even notice Leslie is sometimes mad at annoyed with him because he's too mush of a egotistical villain to even read facial cues and he's trying his best to not be that way so Leslie will always be willing to be with him (not in a romantic way yet). Leslie doesn't like Mr. big being a petty about one or few degrees. Despite he wants to rule the world he really doesn't have to because he has by far enough money to buy whatever he wants and he can pick any women he wants with no problem at all and everyone thinks Leslie notice his dumb reason to rule the world but was to go along with it anyway.


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