"Aww, geez! It's the Toiletnator!"
~ - Mr. Boss

Mr. Boss is a fat, greedy villain from the show Codename: Kids Next Door.


Mr. Boss, despite that fact that he is not fought with any weapons or technology, is the #2 greatest enemy of the Kids Next Door, and unsurprisingly, it is Father and the Delightful Children From Down the Lane who top the list. He always has a cigar in his mouth. He is the leader of the Villains who are adults, and has no control over the children villains(who Father has control over few of them or they work alone). As Second-In-Command of the adult villains, he is also the minor leader of all the common-appearing villains. His three most-supportive henchmen are Crazy Old Cat Lady and Mr. Wink & Mr. Fibb. Later, it is revealed in Operation: D.A.D.D.Y. that Numbuh 86 is actually his daughter, and that Mr. Boss loves his children, & still cares about them a lot even if they're in the Kids Next Door, including one of his sons Numbuh 85.

His biggest plan before was to teleport all girls, then the boys to planet Pluto, but was stopped by Numbuhs 3 & 4. Numbuh 1 calls him Sector V's most biggest enemy, but he was fought only four times. He is a "boss" because Numbuh 3's mother and Numbuh 4's mother work for him as boss.

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