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Mr. Burgermeister is an antagonist of Disney and Tim Burton's Frankenweeenie (2012) film. Mr. Burgermeister is Frankenstein Family's grumpiest neighbor who hates dogs, especially Sparky for wrecking his garden and the Mayor of New Holland and an Uncle to Elsa. He's annoyed and tired of Sparky and very strict to his niece, Elsa. At School for the meeting for all people of New Holland, he complains and blames Mr. Rzykruski for all science and nonsense so he expel Mr. Rzykruski out of school and got him fired.

At The Dutch Day Festival, he had his niece, Elsa to perform as a dutch girl and have her sing. After the end of Monster Mass Destruction, he gather all his town people as angry mob and thinks Sparky killed Elsa when in reality, Weird Girl's mutated cat Mr. Whiskers took her dog away and his niece went after mr. whiskers. He made the mob chase Sparky to the windmill where Mr. Whiskers and Elsa are located. At the Windmill, he holds the torch up and accidently set the mill on fire, he redeemed himself to Sparky for saving Elsa, Persephone and Victor's Life. When Sparky dies again, he told all towns people to set the electricity to bring Sparky back from the dead again.


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