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I don't care about bullying heck! I encourage bullying! it builds character!
~ Mr. Burton (his hateful comments made to Jimmy near the end of the game)

Mr. Burton is one of the Teachers in the videogame Bully. He loves to trash-talk at other students especially to the nerds. He abused girls and Jimmy and his friends teach him a lesson. He expelled a female student named Zoe for telling the principal that he was hitting on her.

Jimmy and Zoe humiliates him by having him go though the portal potty and Burton is covered in poo as punishment—later Jimmy also has him kicked out of his job as payment for Zoe's help in defeating the sociopathic Gary Smith, who had stirred up a vicious gang-war in the school and surrounding town for his own amusement.

He is one of the principal members of the main "Triangle of Evil" in Bully, along with Mr. Hattrick and Gary Smith .

Alongside, Mr. Hattrick, he is the most violent character in the game, with Gary Smith being the third.

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