Mr. Chanax is the main antagonist in The Amazing World of Gumball Season 3 episode "The Boss".

He was voiced by Dan Russell.


He is the evil alter-ego of Paperball and boss of Chanax Inc. Headquarters. He looks like a wrinkled-up piece of paper with a scary demonic face with sharp teeth.

When Rocky Robinson's father, Mr. Robinson, was suffering a life-threatening accident, Gumball and Darwin help Rocky get an office job at the Chanax Inc. Headquarters to help his father and make him proud. Mr. Chanax (in his Paperball disguise) hired Rocky, only to exchange his spirit inside a bottle, turning Rocky into a soulless worker. After Gumball and Darwin checked on Mr. Robinson, they realized something was not right and returned to the headquarters to save Rocky.

After navigating through a maze and passing through a cyclops secretary, the trio landed right in Mr. Chanax's head office. Mr. Chanax reveals himself, and that he feeds on people's spirits. He then gloats that Rocky belongs here forever. Mr. Chanax attempts to control Gumball and Darwin as well, but it does not work, as Gumball and Darwin remind him that his power only works on people who sign a contract, which they are did not.

Mr. Chanax threatens to drink Rocky's spirit, only for Gumball to protest that it's just a jar with Rocky's breath inside before ripping the contracts, leading to Mr. Chanax's defeat. Upon Mr. Chanax’s death, Paperball was free from Mr. Chanax’s control and collapsed, also freeing the employees. Then the Goblin became Mr. Chanax's replacement and the new founder of Chanax Inc.


I am Mr. Chanax.
~ Mr. Chanax introducing himself to Gumball and Darwin.
Put it down! Or I'll, drink his spirit!(Gumball: That's not his spirit, man. It's just a jar full of old breath. [Rips contracts]) No!(shrivels)
~ Mr. Chanax's last words.


  • Considering that the workers' "spirits" were just their breaths in a jar, it is unknown how that gave Mr. Chanax the ability to control them.
  • In a flashback from "The Future", he was responsible for making Banana Barbera stressed out that she had a burnout.


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