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Mr. Chong is an antagonist in Blake Edward's old Pink Panther movies. He serves as a foil to Inspector Clouseau's sidekick Cato Fang.

He was portrayed by the late Ed Parker.


Revenge of The Pink Panther

Mr. Chong is introduced as martial artist hired by Phillippe Douvier's right hand man Guy Algo to assassinate Inspector Clouseau after proving his worth by taking out a group of the best hit men in France. Chong breaks into Clouseau's apartment to kill him. Clouseau, who is trying to stop Cato from giving him any surprise attacks that he ordered, sees Chong and thinks that he is Cato. Clouseau hits Mr. Chong in the back of the head with a bamboo stick, sending him crashing through several floors of a building beside Clouseau's apartment.

Trial of The Pink Panther

A reporter named Marie Jouvet is interviewing Cato about giving Clouseau surprise attacks after being informed by Dreyfus about it. Cato mentions the incident between Clouseau and Mr. Chong in the first film, which makes Marie make a comment about Mr. Chong which is: "poor ninja".

Curse of The Pink Panther

Bruno Langlois has taken over Douvier's mob the French Connection and orders Chong to assassinate NYPD Sergeant Clifton Sleigh, who is looking for Clouseau since Clouseau went missing in the previous film. In a final showdown against Julie Morgan, Bruno and his henchmen are taken out. However, Mr. Chong arrives and is able to beat Julie. Mr. Chong almost kills her until Sleigh defeats him by accidentally throwing a trashcan lid on the back of his head by accident while trying to get it off his hand. Mr. Chong may been killed due to a blunt force trauma to the head.


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