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Mr. Chu is a minor (but important) antagonist in the 2010 video game Mafia II, although he only appears briefly in the final chapter "Per Aspera Ad Astra". He is the leader of the Triads in Empire Bay.


In September 1951, Vito Scaletta, Joe Barbaro and Henry Tomasino buy drugs from Triads enforcer Zhe Yun Wong in order to make extra money on the side, especially due to their boss Carlo Falcone secretly doing the same thing despite opposition by powerful crime lord Frank Vinci. Shortly after buying the drugs from Wong at a factory owned by the Triads, the trio are ambushed by gangsters posing as police officers, which results in heavy gunfire and the factory being ruined. Mr. Chu's contact within the government finds out that Henry is working for the feds and has been feeding information to them about the drug business in the city, causing the FBI to be drawn to Empire Bay. Mr. Chu orders Zhe Yun to have Henry killed, which he has his gang do by mutilating Henry in the park with cleavers. Vito and Joe intervene and kill the gangsters, and follow Zhe Yun back to his Chinese restaurant. This results in Vito and Joe massacring all the Triads in the restaurant to avenge Henry's death, and later execute Zhe Yun, refusing to believe his story about Henry working for the feds.

Mr. Chu is outraged by the massacre of his men, and is out for revenge and sets his sights on the Italian crime families of Empire Bay. He begins to accuse Frank Vinci of being responsible, which causes Vinci to kidnap both Vito and Joe and interrogate them about what is going on. Vito and Joe manage to escape and end up killing a bunch of Vinci's own men. This cultivates in a war between the crime families in Empire Bay, especially with the feds investigating their activities. Mr. Chu and Vinci realize Vito and Joe are involved, and want them dead in retribution for their actions, although Vinci's retired consigliere Leo Galante returns to Empire Bay to help deal with the situation, and spare Vito's life.

Two days following the Triads massacre, Leo and Chu pick up Vito and Leo makes a proposition to Vito in exchange for living, which involves him assassinating Carlo Falcone, as they believe Falcone will end up ratting to the feds when arrested. A skeptical Vito agrees to their demands, and later kills Falcone (with the help of Joe) at his observatory on the outskirts of the city. Despite Vito's actions, not all is forgiven, as he is exiled to the city of New Bordeaux to work for the Marcano crime family, and Joe is forced to work for Leo as his personal driver (although he is presumed dead to Vito).


  • Out of the other crime bosses in Mafia II, Mr. Chu as the least amount of screentime due to only appearing in one cutscene, and has no dialogue.
  • In cut dialogue by Leo Galante for the ending, he was to reveal to Vito that Joe was being taken to Mr. Chu to face the consequences of his actions.
  • In Mafia III is is revealed (to the player) that Joe survived the ending of Mafia II, although it isn't made clear how Leo and the commission managed to spare his life as well despite him massacring a huge portion of the Triads.


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