You must be Leonard, the manager! I am your new Brand X representative!
~ Mr. Clipboard introducing himself.
I understand that somebody ordered a recall!
~ Mr. Clipboard confronting the Ikes.

Mr. Clipboard is one of the antagonists of the widely panned 2012 animated movie Foodfight!.


Mr. Clipboard was a seemingly mentally crazy man that arrived to Marketropolis six months after Sunshine Goodness, Dex Detective's girlfriend, disappeared. Mr. Clipboard attempted to convince the store owner, Mr. Leonard, to start stocking detergents and other products from a huge parent company called Brand X. When Leonard notified to Clipboard that there wasn't enough room for those items, Clipboard stated that he could make room, and he takes a potato chip bag, and crushes it under his foot. He then leaves the store, and the store owner mentioned that there was nothing wrong with those chips.

Later on in the film, Dex and his friends chase down Mr. Clipboard, and the film reveals that he was actually a robot the entire time. It's also shown that Lady X was the mastermind the whole time, thus making her the film's true antagonist. After her defeat, the Mr. Clipboard robot was most likely destroyed. It is currently unknown how X had acquired the machine.


Give us one week, your ccc-cc-cc-costumers won't know how the lived with out Brand X!
~ Mr. Clipboard to Leonard.
Survival of the fittest, Leonaaaard!
~ Mr. Clipboard after destroying a bag of potato chips.





  • He resembles the video game antagonist I. M. Meen from the video game of the same name.
  • He was voiced by Christopher Lloyd, who also voiced Merlock the Magician and The Hacker.
  • Despite the movie being generally terrible, Mr. Clipboard is regarded by most critics of the film as being the only likable character. This may have something to do with his funny walking mannerisms, or it may be because he's being played by Christopher Lloyd, as mentioned above.
  • His appearance may also be a reference to Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown (As the voice for Mr. Clipboard is Christopher Lloyd, the actor who portrays Doc Brown) from the Back to the Future trilogy, as he vaguely resembles Doc in his "2015" attire and he has hair resembling Doc's, but with darker roots.
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