Stephen Patrick later know as Jack "Mr. Collector" Collector Sullivan also known as The Collector or Mr. Collector Serialbro is a powerful serial killer and a minor antagonist in The Angel's Game and the main antagonist in APCollection.

The Angel's Game

he was created by Emet Rotter after he empowered Stephen Patrick with The Dweller's power, thus, creating a unique type of riftling know as Riftling Hybrid. Collector finally took control of him when Stephen killed his father for apparently no reason.


Sometime after The Creature and Austin Bradley's death, The Father appeared when he was sleeping and transported him to an alternate universe, he found himself in a bed along with Alternate Stephen Patrick, The Collector left his alternate self alive and started a killing spree in the alternate universe under the name "Mr. Collector". He met another serial killer know as Faceless, they started dating and became partners. He later met a proxy working for the Slender Man, know as Mr. Reed. The trio tried to track down a secret organization know as Slender Man Division (or SMD for short), during his time trying to find the SMD, he destroyed a gas station and killed one police officer and stole his gun and killed another officer during a gun fight, he was shot in the chest and woke up in Southern Nebraska, covered in the flesh of a young girl, whom he ate in order to regenerate and later killed the girl's parents. He met with Faceless in person and discovered that the SMD may be in Wyoming. Faceless was almost killed by a man named B2, an agent working for the SMD. He headed eastward since he had been wrong about Wyoming. He later brutally killed a scientist and carved "Tag, You're it" into the scientist's torso. He discovered that Mr. Reed was the one who shoot Faceless as means of motivating Mr. Collector. Having dared the SMD to come find him in Shreveport, Mr. Collector set up caches near the houses to use in the coming "game". One day, he woke up and passed out before walking up in a church, having killed three people and written ten rules for his game on the wall in blood. Mr. Collector said that his game would have no survivors and prepared himself to start a killing spree in the universe where The Creature returned.

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