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Villain Overview

We're just a bit fanatical when it comes to our values. All we wish is to show him that there are other ways. Because you kids today... you have your values chosen for you.
~ Mr. Compress to the U.A. students.
I am Harima's great-great-grandson! The Bandit King's blood flows through me! What's that, you say? You barely noticed me?! All part of the act! It's all for that ta-da moment... that the true trick is saved till the end. Voila! The curtain rises on the first and final escape artist performance... of Mr. Compress!!
~ Mr. Compress revealing his lineage and boasting to the heroes.

Atsuhiro Sako, more known by his alias Mr. Compress, is a major antagonist in the manga/anime series, My Hero Academia. He is affiliated with the League of Villains and a member of the organization's Vanguard Action Squad. He is regarded as one of the smartest Villains in the world, and acts as the brains of the League of Villains.

He is later revealed to be the descendant of the Peerless Thief, who was considered one of Japan's three infamous villains in history. As such, he was given the task to carry on his ancestor's legacy.

In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Tsuguo Mogami, who voiced the original Nomu and Hood. In the English dub, he is voiced by Kent Williams, who also voices Father and Dr. Gero.


Mr. Compress is is a tall and slim 32-year-old man with pale skin, curly brown hair, hazel eyes that are semicircular, slanted a little inwards, and a notably pointed nose. He wears a combination of a mask, balaclava and hat. In his villain appearance, Mr. Compress wears a dark orange shirt, with the collar left upturned and a green striped bolo necktie with an oval-shaped azure brooch hanging around his neck. He also wears a black waistcoat and black dress pants, knee-high white boots with wedged heels and black toe-caps, plain dark red gloves and a tall brown top hat, a red ribbon tied around it and a pale feather sticking out on the left side.

Over the top of his head, Mr. Compress wears a black balaclava with a hole for his mouth as well as his eyes, over which he wears one of multiple white masks. In his first appearance, he wears a dark yellow, double-breasted overcoat with buttoned shoulder tabs and a high collar, which reaches below his knees, and a silver cane with a gold handle. Because Kai Chisaki severed Mr. Compress's left arm, he has a robotic prosthetic arm.

Towards the end of the events of the Paranormal Liberation War, he maimed his lower back by using Compress on himself, permenantly crippling himself.


Mr. Compress is the most intelligent member of the League, as he is said to be one of the most smartest villains in the world. He is a man of humor with a talkative nature. He respects the idea of having to choose your own values, rather than have them be given from others. Thus, he remained sympathetic to his fellow teammates, yet was disappointed with the U.A students.

He also seems to be confident in his actions, as shown when he kidnapped Fumikage Tokoyami, even though he was only assigned to capture Katsuki Bakugo. Despite his normally humorous nature, he seems to hold grudges against those who wronged him. As after losing his arm to Chisaki, he didn't hesitate to ruthlessly compress the former's arm in an act of retribution.



Before Mr. Compress became a member of the League of Villains, he was once a professional entertainer until he then started a life of crime.

Forest Training Camp Arc

Mr. Compress' introduction.

Mr. Compress first appears in Establishing the Bakugo Bodyguard Brigade, where he is standing on a tree, after successfully captured the U.A. student, Katsuki Bakugo. The rest of the U.A. students confront him, as Izuku Midoriya demands him to release Bakugo. Shoto Todoroki then freezes the tree that Mr. Compress is standing on, but quickly avoids his attack. Mr. Compress states that their attack was to make a point, how there's more than one perspective to look at the situation. He then criticizes the students for having their perspectives and values chosen for them.

Mezo Shoji then notices that Fumikage Tokoyami was also kidnapped as well, revealing that Mr. Compress had sneaked up on them. Initially, Mr. Compress had only intended to capture Bakugo, but after witnessing the power of Tokoyami's Quirk and Moonfish's defeat, he believed that Tokoyami would also make a great ally among the league. Todoroki attempts to trap him with his ice wall, but he managed to escape and inform the rest of the Vanguard Action Squad that their mission was complete.

He begins to escape, but was eventually stopped by Midoriya, Shoji and Todoroki, right after meeting up with Dabi, Twice, and Himiko Toga. Dabi tells him to dodge his flames, in which Mr. Compress uses his Quirk to compress himself, allowing Dabi to freely burn the three boys. While Toga and Twice face off with Midoriya and Todoroki, Mr. Compress prepares to leave with Dabi. However, when going through his pocket, he realized he was missing the two marbles containing Bakugo and Tokoyami. Shoji reveals that he took them from him when he wasn't paying attention, much to his surprise. Dabi calls him an idiot, but Mr. Compress simply tells him to wait.

Eventually, Kurogiri opens a warp gate for the squad to escape. Dabi was angered that they didn't have Bakugo and Tokoyami, but Mr. Compress revealed that he hid the two in his mouth, while the marbles that Shoji took were Todoroki's ice attacks compressed. The two then begin to depart, but Yuga Aoyama managed to fire his laser in Mr. Compress' face, causing him to spit out the marbles. However, he was quickly able to recapture only Bakugo after their escape.

Hideout Raid Arc

Mr. Compress with the rest of the League of Villains.

Mr. Compress was among the rest of his teammates in the hideout. He and others watched the media, in which Tomura explains to Bakugo that they are not simply aiming to destroy today's society, but to recreate it as he believes the current society they're living in is falling apart. Mr. Compress explains to Bakugo that they're not a simple group of criminals committing petty crimes, but they're all working together to achieve a common goal.

Once Bakugo is set free from his restraints, he immediately begins to strike Tomura and attempts to face off the other villains, in which Mr. Compress notes his foolishness for not being rational. He then prepares to compress him once more, but the hideout is suddenly raided by All Might's raid team. The heroes have the villains restrained, until they are set free by All For One, who then sends in Nomus to hold off the heroes.

Once they are sent outside, Mr. Compress, along with Magne and Spinner attempt to recapture Bakugo once more, but are eventually defeated. The three are then transported away by Kurogiri's Warp Gate.

Shie Hassaikai Arc

Twice returns to the League of Villains' new hideout with a supposed new member named Kai Chisaki. In reality, however, Chisaki had no interest in joining the league, but rather use them to accomplish his goals on becoming the next ruler of the underworld. Magne refused and attempted to get rid of him, but was quickly blown apart by Chisaki's Quirk. Mr. Compress attempts to confine him, but Chisaki then blows his left arm away, refusing to being touched.

The League of Villains make their leave.

After Chisaki's defeat, he was being transported away by the police. The League of Villains, however, had their own plans of Chisaki. Accompanied by Mr. Compress, Spinner and Dabi, Tomura led a highway chase to the police. They are briefly confronted by the Pro Hero, Snatch, but after a lengthy battle, Mr. Compress was able to confine him, containing Dabi's blue flames. When Mr. Compress asks Dabi if he would die, Dabi was overall unsure, since he only saw his upper half turn into sand.

Mr. Compress and Tomura then confront the helpless Chisaki, in which they both proceed to destroy his arms, leaving him in a humiliating state. With Chisaki left in a "quirkless" state, the League of Villains begin to take their leave.

Meta Liberation Army Arc

After the events of the Shie Hassaikai battle, the League were forced into hiding out in destitute locations, a fact that annoyed Compress, who didn't approve of the acts of petty burglary they were forced to commit to get by and believed that the group in its current state served as a mockery to all those who believed in them. Shigaraki was nostly dismissive to the complaints, until Gigantomachia attacked their hideout. In the following battle, Sako was swiftly discarded, and later accompanied the rest of them to the Doctor's lair, where he was the first to pick up on the perceived identity of the man. While Shigaraki explained his motivations, Compress looked on, fairly unamused, and the group were eventually returned to the battle with the task of convincing Gigantomachia to follow Shigaraki.

Mr. Compress laments on the enormity of their task.

What followed was roughly six weeks spent fending off All for One's bodyguard, during which, Compress' role was unknown. However, it was soon after this that the League were contacted by the Meta Liberation Army, who had abducted their broker Giran. Compress was the one to confirm the kidnapping by checking his phone for the news. After this, the group unanimously decided to head into the city of Deika, where Re-Destro, the leader of the army, had arranged to meet them, although not after Atsuhiro voiced concerns on the difficulty of the mission.

Upon arriving, they were ambushed by the Army, during which Atsuhiro seemed to display some knowledge of politician Koku Hanabata. After this, the villain played a fairly low-key role in the rest of the arc, mostly fending off grunts. He also served to time keep Gigantomachia, reminding the others of how long it would be until the beast woke up.

Once Gigantomachia entered the battle, a distressed Atsuhiro pleaded with the Doctor to warp them away, lest Shigaraki be killed, but Ujiko refused, saying that the Nomu used for warping was sick. Compress didn't believe this, but with nothing he could do, he gave in. Soon after, Shigaraki unlocked his true power and defeated Re-Destro, converting the Meta Liberation Army members and an overjoyed Gigantomachia into his followers.

Later on, it was revealed that the battle in Deika had been covered up by the efforts of Tomoyasu Chikazuko, and Compress commented that it was "No pain, no gain, as they say." Dabi commented that Compress didn't do anything during the battle, to which Atsuhiro sarcastically retorted that he was great at running away.

During the unveilling of the new Paranormal Liberation Front, Mr. Compress appeared onstage alongside his comrades and later on figured out that Shigaraki was talking to Doctor Ujiko.

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

During the Paranormal Liberation War, Mr. Compress is assigned as the commander of the "Vanguard Action Support: Brown" squadron along with Spinner. In a surprise attack from the heroes, Cementoss uses his Cement Quirk to tear open the mansion, forcing Mr. Compress to evacuate along with Himiko. A Pro Hero grabs the two villains and attempts to apprehend them, until Twice fatally stabs him and sets his friends free. Mr. Compress comments that with Twice around, they will have the upper hand in the war, but he reveals to their shock that he was actually a clone and the real Twice had been killed by Hawks, causing Himiko to hug the clone in grief as the last remains of her friend melts away. Afterwards, Mr. Compress notices that Himiko had left on a rampage to kill the other heroes, saying that despite his efforts to stop her, her grief and anger from Twice's death was too much and she snapped. Once Gigantomachia had arrived at the scene, Mr. Compress and his fellow villains rode on the giant's back.

Later on, Dabi reveals his ultimate plan: getting Skeptic to play the pre-recorded video of him revealing his past. Mr. Compress says that Dabi had never revealed his past, yet he still has a strong bloodline. Just as Dabi is about to win, Best Jeanist arrives and restrains Gigantomachia and the commanders in thick threads, including Mr. Compress. Katsuki Bakugo reveals his final hero name to be "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight", making Mr. Compress quip that the name is tacky. Best Jeanist uses his new technique "Blackout Bind" to strangle the villains into unconsciousness. Wondering if their show would end, Mr. Compress says that he loved the League of Villains, being a bunch of egotists who have yet to achieve their own dreams. Claiming that his own dream and blood-bound duty is the reason why he's here, Mr. Compress uses his free hand to mutilate his own body to break loose of Best Jeanist's restraints, allowing him to compress Spinner and Tomura to save them.

Atsuhiro Sako unmasked.

Mr. Compress thinks about the Peerless Thief, a villain from the distant past, and how he stole money from "shammy" Pro Heroes, preaching reformation and returning the money he stole to the streets. He remembers his family telling him that their lineage is all about exposing injustice with righteous blood running through their veins. Mr. Compress reveals to everyone that he is the great-great grandson of the Peerless Thief himself, with the intention of carrying out his ancestor's legacy like his family before him. He laments to the Peerless Thief that while he was unable to fulfil his goal of reformation, he is reliant on Tomura to do so. He takes off his mask and reveals his true face, before talking about the true trick that he saved for the end. He releases Spinner and Tomura right in front of Lemillion, boasting to the hero about the first and final escape performance of Mr. Compress.

Atsuhiro being detained.

As Tomura Shigaraki awakens as All for One, Atsuhiro is knocked out by Lemillion, and both are sent flying back by the ensuing blast of energy. After this, it was stated that he was arrested and taken to hospital to have his injuries treated, with his fate being unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Mr. Compress compressing Dabi.

  • Compress: Mr. Compress is able to trap anyone or anything (including himself) into little marbles by compressing them, inflicting no damage done to them at all. The person trapped in the marbles temporarily lose their Quirks, making it very easy for Mr. Compress to kidnap them. However, anything compressed with them will remain active; when he compresses Snatch, he is being consumed by Dabi's fire, which stays with him and kills him while he is trapped in the marble. In addition, he is able focus the point of his Quirk to a smaller part of a person's body if he wishes to and was able to compress Overhaul's left arm, efficiently severing it at the wrist without killing him. Upon losing his left arm, Compress is now limited to using his right arm in order to activate his Quirk.
  • Enhanced Speed: Mr. Compress has demonstrated a degree of impressive fast movements. He is capable of moving from one place instantly to another, as shown when running on top of the trees over the U.A. students. He was also able to avoid Shoto Todoroki's attacks, even when unleashing his special move, Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall.
  • Genius Intellect: Being the brains of the league, Mr. Compress possesses a high degree of intelligence. Using his prep time wisely, he was able to kidnap Katsuki and Fumikage with ease, as well as bait the U.A. students for fake marbles in his pocket.

Overall, Mr. Compress is a witty and methodical villain who has played a vital role in many of the League's major operations. He successfully kidnapped Katsuki Bakugo and Fumikage Tokoyami, two of Class 1-A's strongest students with relative ease, and would've gotten away with both of them were it not for their classmates interference. He had soon recovered from the loss of his arm, and only seemed motivated by it to exact his revenge on Overhaul. Alongside Spinner, Tomura and Dabi, he was able to intercept a police convoy while also dealing with a strong Pro Hero, Snatch, in the process.


Moonfish, our dear Blade-Tooth. He may not look it but he's a dastardly death-throat devil whose last appeal was denied. When I saw the avian take him down so easily and violently, I decided he should join our troop!
~ Mr. Compress revealing him having kidnapped Fumikage Tokoyami.
Don't worry, they were so proud of themselves for rooting through my pockets that I thought I'd let them gloat. But allow me to explain a basic tenant of magic, if I'm flaunting something shiny. Its because there's something else I don't want you to see.
~ Mr. Compress revealing how he deceived the U.A. students.
Ah, allow me to tell you a story. In the past there were many different scary troops that ran the underworld, after heroes started thriving though they slowly but surely began to disband, when All Might took the stage their era was over. The Yakuza survivors who weren't caught became rent-a-thugs for villain groups. In other groups they were the lowest form of criminal, barely scraping by to make a living. Frankly, they're obsolete, an endangered species.
~ Mr. Compress telling Himiko Toga the origins of the Yakuza.
For the arm.
~ Mr. Compress to Kai Chisaki.
I believe Twice was... killed. Alas, I tried but failed to stop her. Even though jumping into the fray was tantamount to suicide. I've never seen little Toga lose her cool like this.
~ Mr. Compress mourning Twice and recalling Himiko Toga's rampage.
Dabi... young Toga... and I... have yet to achieve our dreams. Does our show end here...? A collection of warped minds who never bothered... prying into each other's pasts. Just a band of egotists.
~ Mr. Compress thinking about the fate of himself and his friends as Best Jeanist strangles them.
Oji Harima. The Peerless Thief. A criminal from days gone by. Just when the current system began settling into place... Harima targeted the pockets of sham heroes. He preached reformation while returning what he pilfered back to the streets. Harima... the reformation you could not achieve... I now hand over to my boss. The Paranormal Liberation Front's... no, the League of Villains' Shigaraki... will change the world in my stead.
~ Mr. Compress' internal monologue to remind himself about the Peerless Thief.

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