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He was a very loving man. He was always kissing and touching her and her sisters.
~ Forrest inadvertently describes Mr. Curran's abusive behavior, not knowing his true nature.

Mr. Curran is the posthumous main antagonist yet pivotal figure in the 1994 dramedy film Forrest Gump based on the 1986 drama novel by Winston Groom. He is the abusive father of Forrest's childhood friend and crush Jenny Curran.

He was portrayed by Kevin Mangan.


Mr. Curran is stated to be a farmer. While Forrest believes that he is a "loving man" who treats his daughters like any normal parent would, he is in fact a child rapist who regularly molests Jenny and her sisters, and it is heavily implied that the abuse is physical as well. Because of him, Jenny never seems to want to return home after school. One day, when Forrest goes over to her house to visit her, Mr. Curran runs out of the house with a bottle in his hand and begins to pursue Jenny through the bushes. Once the two kids are out of Mr. Curran's sight, Jenny prays to become a bird so she can fly away.

Eventually, the authorities somehow became aware of what was happening at the Curran home, leading Mr. Curran to be arrested and imprisoned for all the abuse he inflicted on his daughters, and Jenny is sent to live with her grandmother. It is unknown what happened to Mr. Curran afterwards, but it can be assumed that he either died of natural causes at some point or was killed in prison as it is a common fate for child molesters and abusers.

Due to all the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father during her childhood, Jenny spends her adulthood living a destructive lifestyle, constantly dating abusive men, having wild unprotected sex and experimenting with drugs. Such actions eventually culminate with Jenny contracting HIV and passing away years later. However, before her passing, Jenny makes amends with her past by throwing rocks at her father's house (which was later bulldozed by Forrest to respect her wishes), has a son with Forrest (posthumously making Mr. Curran a grandfather) and marries Forrest to live with him happily in the final days of her life.

Following Jenny's death, Forrest sees a bird flying, symbolically meaning that God granted Jenny her wish to become a bird so she could fly away from her father, possibly being an indicator that Jenny reincarnated on a bird.


Not much is known, although he is ruthless and uncaring.


  • A very disturbing fact most people overlook while seeing the film is that if Forrest knew that Mr. Curran molested and sexually abused his daughters (though Forrest thought he was a loving man who played with his daughters), this may mean that Mr. Curran abused Jenny and her sisters in front of him. This makes his actions much worse, meaning that Mr. Curran took advantage that Forrest didn't really understand what he was doing and would not tell anyone.
  • It's unknown what happened to Jenny's sisters after Mr. Curran was arrested, given that it's mentioned that Jenny was send to live with her grandmother but nothing more is mentioned about her sisters. A possibility could be that they were send to live with other relatives or sent to a foster home and their grandmother possibly raised Jenny solely because she was the one who received most abuse from Mr. Curran.
  • While not explicitly stated in the film, it's highly likely that Jenny's grandmother is Mr. Curran's mother-in-law and not his mother. If Mr. Curran's mother had been alive, she would have surely did something for her granddaughters had she known what her son was doing.



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