My name is Mr. Dark. I advise you to respect that.
~ Mr. Dark
And have had for many years, I do believe. All that time spent living only through other men's lives. Dreaming only other men's dreams. What a waste.
~ Mr. Dark

Mr. Dark (real name: G.M. Dark), also known as "The Illustrated Man" and "The Illustrated Marvel", is the main antagonist in the Ray Bradbury novel Something Wicked This Way Comes and its 1983 supernatural mystery Disney movie of the same name. He is a sinister man who is the leader of the Autumn People and he bears tattoos all over his body; one for each person successfully tempted into joining the Dark's Pandemonium Carnival he founded and runs. Mr. Dark initially holds sway over the other main characters, but his power weakens when Charles uses positive emotions against him, something he cannot comprehend or withstand.

He was portrayed by Jonathan Pryce, who played High Sparrow and Elliot Carver.


Dark's background is a mystery, although he refers to being raised in a strict religious upbringing. When asked if he reads the Bible, he replies, "I've had every page, line and word read at me, sir!" Another, perhaps more fitting interpretation of the Bible sequence, given his dismissive nature to Charles and his array of books, would be that he is mocking Charles' belief that the Bible would have any sort of effect in either repelling or hurting him. This would indicate that Dark is not a devil or demon in the Christian sense of the term. He died by growing old when he was on the magic carousel.



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