Now, get to work!
~ Mr. Darrell's catchphrase.

Mr. Darrell is the owner of Darrell Dome/Amphitheater and a one-shot antagonist of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.


Mr. Darrell became a successful owner of an arena named after him. As the Talent Suckers did a 25-second long opening act for Puffy AmiYumi, Mr. Darrell told the trio that they are terrible and that they owe him six hundred dollars by working at his dome instead of giving them a paycheck. He hired them to clean up the whole place by the rise of the curtain. The mess from the Suckers put some hot glue on the performers' food, making them unable to sing opera. As a result, Darrell had to give all of the people their money back and made the Suckers work at the popcorn stand.

All of the popped popcorn made the Dome get reduced to the Darrell Amphitheater. As a last offer, he told Vlad to give the baton to the conductor as the musician walks onto the stage. Since the conductor was nowhere to be found, Vlad used it to let Mitch out of the instruments, causing the Amphitheater to be destroyed and made Mr. Darrell feel miserable. The Talent Suckers performed a poorly-done song, which made Darrell even more upset.


Darrell is highly invested in his own arena and doesn't tolerate performances and workers of his place to be below his expectations.


  • "Paycheck? Ha! You were guys were terrible. No. The way I figure, you owe me money. Six hundred dollars."
  • "No money, huh? Well, I suppose I could let you guys work it off."
  • "This is your last chance. Now, listen to me. All you have to do is give this baton to the symphony conductor as he walks onto the stage. Got it?"



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