Reed Richards (Earth-2149)

Zombie Reed as he appears in Ultimate Fantastic Four

"It's our responsibility to spread the gospel"

This version of Reed hails from the Marvel Zombies comic series. In it Reed, along with almost every other hero and villain became a flesh eating zombie.

In Dead Days, Reed is first seen mourning the death of his children, who were killed by a zombie She-Hulk. Although Sue killed her, their children, Franklin and Valeria were gone. This caused disaster later on.

Reed is next seen helping Thor and Nova against some infected. The FF, Thor and Nova then arrived at the SHIELD Helicarrier, where Fury explained to the uninfected what was occuring. He also told Reed, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner to make a cure. Unfortuunately, Stark made the mistake of trusting Reed and Banner to work alone, leading to yet more danger.

Reed is then seen admiring a zombie that Magneto killed earlier and telling Sue that the zombies were advanced life forms.

After the resistance has fallen so much, Reed tells the FF he infected them when they entered his lab. When they infect him, he reveals he has gone insane. He and his team then infect the remaining heroes and kill Fury, ending the resistance.

Reed then tricks his 1610 counterpart into coming to his dimension. Then he and the FF go to his dimension where they are soon imprisoned.

With his craftiness, Reed and the FF escape imprisonment and try bringing Hulk and Thor to Earth 1610, unaware Thor was killed by this point. in the end Reed and his team are killed by Dr. Doom and are dumped back in the streets of their own dimension.


  • Despite that the Hunger Virus has no cure and thus it would have been impossible for Reed Richards as well as Tony Stark and Bruce Banner to find a solution to the plague, this incarnation of Reed Richards is hated by most fans given that his fall into insanity and obsession to become a zombie himself by infecting his teammates were one of the main reasons for which the Hunger Virus advanced for worse, leaving Tony Stark unable to perfectionate a portal that could have transported the survivors to another universe (much like Doctor Doom later does).
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