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Gentlemen, you are neither paid, plan or to think, or make a kill. You will pick up your weapons and be ready to leave here precisely at 6:00. And by 6:25, there should be... [walkie-talkie malfunctions].
~ Mr. Firat explaining his plan to his henchmen.

Mr. Sharif Firat is the main antagonist of Joe Camp's 1979 mystery film The Double McGuffin by Paramount. He is an international terrorist who wants to kill a Middle Eastern prime minister named Kura Carter.

He was portrayed by the late Ernest Borgnine, who also played Carface Carruthers in All Dogs Go to Heaven.


At the beginning of the movie, one of the assassins is seen ordering a taxi driver to drive a briefcase full of money to St. Moritz Hotel, the residence of Madame Kura. Another assassin named Moras is seen trying to shoot Kura, but fails. The next morning, the suitcase falls out of the taxi car into the woods. The briefcase is eventually found by a boy named Homer Rutledge and he tries to show it to his friends, but they find a man's corpse instead. They try to report it to Chief Talasek and he reluctantly decides to go with them, only to find it gone and Tally leaves. Later, they notice Firat being dropped off by Kura's limousine and talks on the phone in a different language. The kids head over to investigate and once Firat is finished talking, Specks and Jody distract him by pretending to do a survey on his fancy suit, while Homer and Foster steal the briefcase and head over to the cafe to show it to Tally. Tally refuses to open the case and Billy Ray warns then that Firat is coming as he arrives at the cafe. Tally asks Firat if he wants to press charges against Homer for theft and he tells him not to. Homer demands Tally to arrest Firat for stealing what's his and Foster tells him to stop. Tally asks Firat if he wants to open the briefcase and he refuses. Homer tries to point out that he's trying to hide the evidence and Tally warns him. Tally asks Firat why he refuses to open the case and Firat reminds him that he said that he didn't have to, to which Tally changes his mind. Firat claims that he's left the key at home, but they manage to unlock the case, only to find Kura's underwear.

The following night during a football game, the kids notice Kura, but they also notice Firat standing behind her watching them. As the game starts, they notice that Firat has disappeared. After the game, Specks and Homer return to the woods and find the same briefcase in the same culvert. However, upon opening it, they notice a box with a note on it, saying that they deserve a big hand after their performance. As they open the box, they find a dismembered hand and they flee. They head back to retrieve the hand to show it to Tally, but find that it has disappeared and they flee the scene.

The next morning, at the cafe, the kids notice Firat walking by and Billy Ray follows him to Hotel Boneiux. Firat buys a magazine and drops a note aside. Billy Ray reads it and notices that it was written by Moras to meet him at the Iron Horse bar. The other kids follow Billy Ray at the hotel and he notices Firat and his men talking at the bar. Billy Ray and Homer head to Firat's hotel room, while Specks and Foster keep watch. They plant their transciever in a plant and notice a trunk filled with firearms. Billy Ray notices that the phone if left off the hook, so they leave the room. Before they could make it to the elevator, Firat and his men appear and they escape by entering another room. The boys listen to Firat's conversation on the walkie-talkie and overhear their plan to leave at six o'clock on Saturday, but before they could hear anymore of their plan, one of the assassins dumps beer on the hidden walkie-talkie, destroying it. The boys later notice Firat's men setting up a homecoming party and they come up with a plan to stop them.

Specks and Homer hire a computer expert named Arthur Honeycutt and he reluctantly agrees to help them on their plan. Foster distracts Firat and his men by setting off a fire alarm at the hotel and Jody manages to take pictures of them. The following night, Specks, Homer and Arthur sneak into the computer programing room and manage to print out some papers. Billy Ray and Foster then sneak into Chief Talasek's office and scan the details about Firat and his men. They discover that the other assassins are known for murder, while Firat is only known for being an illegal immigrant from a Middle Eastern country known as Kaboor. They also learn that Firat is planning to kill the prime minister and that Madame Kura is the targeted victim after calling the operator of the palace of the prime minister.

That morning, Billy Ray and Arthur head to Michelle's school and Kura drops her off. They head to her limousine and warn her that her life is in danger. They try to convince her to come with them to the police station, but Firat appears in the limousine and they flee with the evidence. Kura is confused about why they ran off when they had proof that her life is in danger and Firat assures her that she's safe. Before Billy and Arthur could make it to the police station, Firat appears and chases them. They arrive at their hotel and Arthur runs out of breath. Billy is forced to dump out the evidence to give them time to escape. Firat arrives and picks up the evidence before he could continue chasing them. Arthur blames himself for letting everyone down, but Specks comes up with a plan to take Tally to the evidence instead.

Foster distracts Firat and his assassins by using the fire alarm again and Specks and Homer sneak into his room. Arthur informs Tally about Firat keeping records in his trunk and they head out to investigate. Specks and Homer find the evidence, but Firat and his men return and the two of them hide in the closet. Firat and Moras argue for a bit and Firat informs the assassins that they have two minutes to leave for Kura's assassination. As Firat's henchmen get their rifles out, Tally and Arthur arrive before Firat could open the briefcase. Firat lets them in and Tally opens the trunk, only to find nothing. Tally confronts Arthur for deceiving him and the assassins stare at him until the telephone rings. Firat tells Tally that he dislikes telephones and decides to pick it up, but Tally insists on picking it up himself. After hearing about what Specks' father said on the phone, Tally holds Firat and his men at gunpoint and Arthur opens the closet, revealing Specks and Homer tied up, having tricked Firat. Firat denies kidnapping them, but Tally silences him and assures Specks' father that they are safe. The police arrive and Firat and his men are arrested. Firat compliments Specks for his great work and questions why he would trick them into kidnapping, to which Specks replies "Either confess to the real crimes, or take the rap for frame". Specks then shows Tally the real evidence and he begins to trust them more. It it likely that Firat will be facing a lengthy prison sentence for murder and conspiracy and Kura is now safe from him.





  • It is unknown why he used Kura's underwear to throw the kids and Tally off track. It is possible that he may have predicted that this would happen or he may just simply be a pervert.
  • Firat bought his outfit from Italy.


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