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Mr. Freeze

Victor Fries was once a scientist in the field of Cryogenics and hoped to preserve Nora in a cryogenic chamber of his own design until a cure could be found. An accident occurred in the lab making Victor Fries exposed to his own cryogenic formula which made him become Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze became an agent for the Intergang so he can obtain money to continue researching a way to save Nora.

At a safe house, Chill was confronted by Batman who attacked him for murdering his parents until Superman calmed him down. Superman calmly explained to Joe Chill that they needed to locate a man known as the Trickster whom they believed was developing the weapons Chill would sell to the Intergang. Mr. Freeze and the Trickster arrived to kill Chill. While Superman tried to distract the villains, Batman was trying to get Chill out of the area. Mr. Freeze killed Chill and framed Batman for the crime and Batman escaped with an injured Superman while the FBI were in pursuit of them.

Batman and Superman arrived to a location to confront Prankster who attacked him with a robotic suit that Toyman developed. Prankster revealed that Mr. Freeze was brainwashed by him and attacking the citizens of Metropolis and is suit's fuel cells are overloading and will explode and with Freeze above Metropolis' water purification plant, anyone within one mile will get killed in the explosion. Superman went to stop the Prankster while Batman was able to take down Mr. Freeze with help from Green Arrow.

Mr. Freeze was then sent to Arkham Asylum where he became a member of the Yellow Lanterns later as well as Bane and Poison Ivy all because of Parralax. Fortunately, Professor Hamilton found a way to reboot the rings so that all the Yellow Lanterns would loose their powers when the rings turn black. Once Hamilton did that, the inmates of Arkham Asylum nearly fell to their deaths from the sky until Superman was able to save them all. After Parallax was defeated, the criminals were returned to Arkham Asylum.

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