Genetic engineering erases all of God's mistakes, like German people.
~ Mr. Garrison (quote added to showcase his vocal racism (which is often played for laughs) )

Mr. Herbert Garrison is a recurring character in the adult comedy series, South Park, he is notable for being one of the most complex characters in the show and has varied over the years from a jerk to a full-blown antagonist and back again.


Mr. Garrison is horribly racist and homophobic despite being gay himself - he was also a somewhat cruel teacher and enjoyed humiliating certain students, he was also a vindictive character and once tried to sue the school for prior mistreatment by using his as-of-then openly gay partner, Mr. Slave, to perform grotesque acts in front of the students with the aim of being fired - this backfired horribly on him however as he was hailed a hero due to "political correctness".

Mr. Garrison went through a sex change operation, renaming himself "Mrs. Garrison" (despite not being married) - his vulgar nature never changed, in fact he became arguably worse: seeking to have an abortion (with abnormal glee) and treating Mr Slave extremely badly as s/he reverted back to homophobia, later Mr. Garrison tried to outlaw gay marriage to spite Mr Slave when he tried to marry Big Gay Al (showing once again his vindictive side).

Mr. Garrison is also famous for being insane (albeit his insanity is often played for laughs) - having an alter-ego in the hand-puppet known as Mr. Hat: who sometimes plays out some of Mr. Garrison's darker fantasies which he claims to be repulsed by (such as when Mr Hat was a member of the Klansmen).

Despite claiming to be repulsed by Mr Hat's involvement with the KKK Mr. Garrison engaged in very similar acts himself when he tried to drive away all the "richers" from South Park in one episode - becoming in many ways the very thing he professed to hate (this once again highlights Mr. Garrison's often chaotic way of thinking, possibly due to his split-personality).

Although not villainous in the sense of harming another being (at least human) it was implied in an early episode that Mr. Garrison, in addition to being a suppressed gay, also engaged in bestiality - which (if true) would further complicate his already infamous sexuality-issues.

When he want back to being a man he started to become less insane and started to act like a perfectly sane teacher.

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