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Mr. Gueermo is the main antagonist of the South Park episode, "Elementary School Musical." He is the dancing-theater crazed and flamboyant metrosexual father of Bridon Gueermo who loves to sing and dance. He is part of the men's choir club and usually talks to his family in a sing-song voice. Even in normal conversations, he forces his family to sing with him, otherwise he will slap them. 


He gets angry and his slaps are also portrayed as being rather flamboyant and loudly threatening. As he's slapping someone he yells, "I'll slap you!"

The obvious victims are as the basketball coach and Mr. Mackey, and even his own neighbor. Despite the fact that greater show of physical violence, Mr. Gueermo cowers away, only to be beaten more by his frustrated wife.


Mr. Gueermo is an abusive father and husband, who thinks basketball is a "sissy" sport despite musicals also can be sport-based like High School Musical, and refuses to let his son play it, even though most of Bridon's peers think he should let him do it. His stage-parenting is so bad, that he will "attack" anyone who questions his actions or methods in any way. And like stereotypical metrosexuals he less egomania side to his son whatever like he step in and "tells" him his vision of musicals is he "density" whatever he abuses him every time, his son very resistance to his "vision" to play musicals.


  • His name sounds like "Queer Mo", meaning one who acts exaggeratedly gay, because of his flamboyant personality.

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