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Mr. Happy Face

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Hello, Timmy. I'm Mr. Happy Face.
~ Mr. Happy Face

Mr. Happy Face is the villain protagonist from FilmCow's video of the same name. He is originally a cartoon character that gets teleported in the real world, but he reveals to be not so friendly as his name seems to imply.


Little Timmy is alone at home watching the Mr. Happy Face children's show on TV when lightning strikes the aerial and Mr. Happy Face mysteriously appears in the house.

When Timmy asks him if he wants to be his new friend, Mr. Happy Face pulls out a knife and starts chasing the kid through the room in order to kill him.

Timmy manages to hide temporarily; in the while, Mr. Happy Face kills the family dog, and when he finally finds the defenseless kid, the evil cartoon character stabs him to death with a psychopathic smile on his face.



  • The Mr.Happy Face video currently has over 16,000 dislikes on YouTube as of 2018; unlike other FilmCow's videos, such as the successful Llamas with Hats, which have been praised for the dark but still clever humor, Mr. Happy Face is considered by many people as more disturbing and unfunny than else.
  • The Mr. Happy Face video was inconspicuously removed from the Filmcow channel.