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Mr. Harter is the hidden secondary antagonist of The Three Stooges. He is Lydia's former henchman and Teddy's adopted father.



Mr. Harter is a rich man who married women to get money and not out of love. He came to an orphanage to adopt an orphan. He initially chose Moe, but as they drove off in their car, Moe asked if he could go back and adopt Larry and Curly. Mr. Harter thought that 3 children were too much and dropped Moe off back at the orphanage and adopted a young Teddy.

In The Three Stooges

When Mrs. Harter died, she gave her fortune to Teddy. Mr. Harter was displeased and was secretly hired by Lydia as her henchman to kill him and take the money for themselves. Lydia tried to get the now-adult Three Stooges to kill Teddy, but they hospitalized Mac, thinking he was the husband.

Later on, Larry and Curly met up with Mr. Harter and asked if he could give them the money they needed to save the orphanage. However, Mr. Harter was too greedy and told them to call him only if they needed to sue someone. He also revealed he dropped Moe off because he requested bringing them, which they did not know because Moe told them they dropped him off because he did not do chores.

Afterwards, Lydia and Mac capture the Three Stooges and Teddy. However, Mr. Harter appears with a gun and is about to save them, only to reveal that he is Lydia's henchman and that Lydia was using Mac to do their dirty work. They hold the five of them hostage and drive off in a car. However, the Three Stooges' pet rat comes out and lands on Lydia's chest, making them freak out and drive their car into a lake. The police arrive and Lydia, Harter, and Mac are arrested.


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  • Mr. Harter is often thought to be the hidden main and tertiary antagonist of the first film.


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