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Mr. Hashimoto is the corrupt CEO of Hashimoto's Soda. He started off as a one time character in Suite Life but is now the main antagonist of ANT Farm replacing Lexi Reed and Susan Skidmore.


In Suite Life he was CEO of Hashimoto Soda. He invented very strange recipes for soda like shrimp soda and was very neurotic about keeping his recipes. However he was shown to have honor and integrity as he refused to use a fake drink in his commercial saying it was "deceptive" and forgiving Zack and Cody of their debt after they accidentally helped him create a soda that was actually good. His only real villainous deed was trying to trap Zack, Cody, and Carey after Cody figured out one of his ingredients.

In ANT Farm, his personality changed a lot. His flavors of soda had gotten crazier like octopus mucus. He intially started as trying to make a deal with Zoltan but after Zoltan accidentally insulted him, Hashimoto was out to destroy his company at any cost. He was shown to have lost all his honor and integrity he claimed to have in Suite Life. He had no problem harming innocent people and even having his family members do the dirty work for him. Despite many of his actions being criminal the ANTs refuse to stop him because they're too lazy to.

Villainous Deeds

  • In Suite Life he tried to imprison Zack, Cody, and Carey for figuring out his secret ingredients
  • In FinANTial Crisis he had his daughter pose as a student at Zoltan's school and rig the Z-Phones to explode to financially ruin Z-Tech, nearly succeeding
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