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Mr. Hernandez (first name unknown), also known as Misfortune's Father, is a minor character from the 2019 indie horror comedy video game Little Misfortune. He is the neglectful and abusive father of Misfortune.



While not much is known about Hernandez's past, it is known that he had sexual relations with Callista Ramirez and got her pregnant. They attempted to abort the pregnancy, but due to it being illegal, were forced to marry. After the child was born, they named her "Misfortune" for being a hindrance to their lives.

Hernandez was an abusive spouse and parent, often hurting and arguing with his wife and young daughter. He set up a drug laboratory in the house's basement, which he presumably operated drug deals out of. His abuse drove his wife to drinking and smoking, and he often slept out in the car either by his own choice or under pressure from his wife. At one point, he threw a rock at Misfortune, badly injuring her. She ended up keeping the blood-stained stone and naming it "Stoney", and keeping it as a toy. Most of the time, Hernandez was absent from his family's lives.

Little Misfortune

Though Mr. Hernandez is not seen in the game, Misfortune details to Morgo the abuse she has suffered at his hands, even detailing her father's drug laboratory. Morgo, in his attempt to lure Misfortune to her doom, acts like a parental figure, taking her places and pretending to show concern for her.

However, towards the end of the game, it is revealed that Misfortune died early on, having been struck by a car and killed, and that most of her journey was her wandering spirit. If one looks closely at the street Misfortune was killed on, the screeching tire tracks lead directly to the Hernandez's car, implying that her father was the one that hit her. Whether it was intentional or not is unknown.


While never seen or heard in-game, Misfortune's description of him makes him out to be an extremely cruel, hateful person. He despises his wife and daughter and has no qualms about hurting either of them, both physically and emotionally.


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