Shut your cake-hole, you Nazi!
~ Mr. Hilter, to Ron Vibbentrop.

Mr. Hilter was a villain who appeared in the "North Minehead By-Election" sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus. He is clearly based on the real-life Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

He was portrayed by John Cleese, who also played villainous characters, including the High Priest, French Taunter, The Robber, The Black Knight and the Narrator of "How Not to be Seen", in other Monty Python sketches.


Mr. Hilter is first seen in the dining room of a small family-run hotel in Minehead, plotting with his colleagues "Ron Vibbentrop" (who is presumably meant to be Nazi Germany's foreign minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop) and "Heinrich Bimmler" (who likewise is presumably a surviving Heinrich Himmler). Despite the identities of the three men being incredibly obvious, none of the other guests or local residents ever find their appearance or behaviour to be in any way suspicious, and how the trio survived World War II is never explained (the real-life Hitler committed suicide and his body was burned, Himmler also committed suicide while in Allied custody, and von Ribbentrop was executed in the Nuremberg trials).

While Hilter and his colleagues claim to be planning a day-trip to the nearby town of Bideford, on close inspection they are found to be plotting an invasion of Stalingrad, though again no-one seems concerned about anything other than Hilter using a clearly incorrect map for his supposed trip. Subsequently, a fellow guest asks him how long he's in Minehead for, causing Hilter to become violently paranoid and threaten to shoot the other guest, before Bimmler and Vibbentrop restrain him. The hotel's owner then tells Hilter that he has a phone call from "Mr. McGöring" (presumably Hermann Göring), and passes on a message that he's secured somewhere to start hiding planes for a new Luftwaffe, causing Hilter to angrily bemoan McGöring's indiscreet actions, though again no-one else reacts to this news. The owner then reveals to the other guests that Hilter is running as a "National Bocialist" candidate in the local by-election later that week.

On the day of the by-election, Hilter is shown giving a lengthy speech to a crowd consisting of three small children and a farmer, in which he advocates changing the town's name to "Meinhead" and annexing the nearby town of Taunton, which he claims is historically part of Minehead already. A brief montage is then shown of local residents being interviewed and reacting to Hilter's policies, revealing that Hilter wants to set up "boncentration bamps" and bit a female voter's small child, but is apparently popular with businessmen and older female voters.

Like most Monty Python sketches there is no ending or punchline to the sequence, meaning that whether or not Hilter won the by-election is never stated.

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