My friend, you have met a terrible, terrible demise. But, uh, y'know, I-I don't feel too bad about it. After all, if... if it weren't from me, it would've just been from someone else, y'know?
~ One of the lines of the various monologues that Mr. Hippo says upon the player's death in Ultimate Custom Night.

Mr. Hippo is a character from the video game Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. He is an animatronic entertainer who takes an antagonistic role in the game Ultimate Custom Night.

He is voiced by Joe Gaudet.


Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

Mr. Hippo is one of the animatronics that can be purchased through the catalog for the pizzeria. He is found categorized under "Stan's Budget Tech" and can be bought for $190. He is needed to complete the "Medicore Melodies" set.

Ultimate Custom Night

Mr. Hippo is one of a couple of animatronics that will try to get into the office through the overhead air duct system. The Player can stop Mr. Hippo from doing this by repelling him using the heater or by luring him away with the audio lure, which is guaranteed to work. In comparison to other air duct animatronics, Mr. Hippo is slightly faster than Happy Frog, but slightly slower than Pigpatch. If he catches the player, he will start a long monologue, unlike the other animatronics who will only say a single sentence.


As his name suggests, Mr. Hippo is a purple anthropomorphic hippopotamus with blue eyes. He has two black buttons placed under a large red flower on his torso and wears a small black top hat on his head similar to Freddy Fazbear.


Despite being a murderous animatronic bent on killing the player, Mr. Hippo does not seem to hold a grudge against him. He may even apologize for the player's demise. Although he believes things "could only end this way" between them and he "doesn't feel too bad about it". Mr. Hippo is then reminded of a story that he will tell to the player, perhaps as a way of showing there are no hard feelings.

However, he has a strong tendency to over-analyze his words and sentences, resulting in his stories being minutes long. Mr. Hippo also tends to get philosophical over situations he explains in his stories which doesn't help the tales' length. He claims to be good friends with Orville Elephant and has done some different activities with him, such as having picnics or feeding birds. But because they are both animatronic entertainers, it is unknown if either of them have actually done these activities. It is more likely that these events are just fake memories fabricated by Mr. Hippo's mind, as he genuinely seems to believe that they happened.


Telling a story does come with its own pressures and expectations, I-I suppose. After all, If you're just talking to a friend, then, there's no more expectations, than if you were talking into the wind! Words by themselves aren't expected to carry, aren't expected to stick. But if you know if you announce you're telling a story, well, then there'd better be a point to it all, you know? No one wants to listen to someone ramble on and on and on, with absolutely no end in sight, so, you know, It's good to be mindful that when you tell someone that you're about to tell a story, that you have something to say. telling someone that you're gonna tell them a story is tantamount to asking them to stop what they're doing and-and pay attention.
~ Mr. Hippo



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