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I'm not offering you an incentive as crude as money - though there'll be plenty of that. What I'm offering you is a ground-floor opportunity in the most important enterprise on Earth. What I'm offering is a future - for you, and for what remains of the human race.
~ Mr. House, to the protagonist of Fallout: New Vegas

Robert Edwin House, simply better known as Mr. House, is the self-styled President, CEO, and Sole Proprietor of the New Vegas Strip in the Mojave Wasteland in the year 2281 and one of the main antagonists (alongside Caesar) of Fallout: New Vegas unless the player chooses to side with him. House is foremost responsible for the founding of RobCo Industries and civilizing the New Vegas casino tribes.

He was voiced by the late René Auberjonois, who also played the Hylden Lord in the Legacy of Kain series, Patrick West in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Tony in Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami BeachNefir in Aladdin: The Series and Kanjar-Ro in Justice League.


Robert Edwin House was orphaned at an early age when his parents died in a freak accident involving an auto gyro and a lightning strike. He was subsequently cheated out of his inheritance by his elder half-brother, Anthony, who seized complete control of the family company, H&H Tools Inc. Nevertheless, House attended the Commonwealth Institute of Technology, and founded the robotics company RobCo Industries at the age of 22. It would soon become one of the most profitable corporations in the world, owing mostly to House's considerable technical genius and business acumen. He used the wealth and power to gain controlling interests in a myriad of other businesses. These included REPCONN Aerospace, and the Lucky 38 Hotel & Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard.

House went to work on a secret plan to ensure the city would survive this apocalypse and that he would live to see the world after the war. He programmed multiple mainframes with satellite links meant to disable the vast majority of the Chinese missiles  which he had installed on the roof of the Lucky 38, to deal with any missile his program had missed. His body was permanently connected to an extremely sophisticated life support device to take care of his physiological needs, while his brain was wired directly into his vast information network via an enormous supercomputer.

An integral element of his plan was the platinum chip. The chip was to be delivered in the afternoon of October 23, 2077. Unfortunately, about 20 hours before delivery, the Great War began. The chip was lost and was rediscovered over 200 years later in Sunnyvale by some of the multiple scavengers hired by House. Forced to work with an inferior version of the OS, he suffered numerous system crashes and was even forced into a coma by one of the failures before being able to reboot an earlier, stable version.

House regained consciousness in 2138. Biding his time, he entered the world stage once again in 2274, when Securitrons under his command emerged from the Lucky 38. This action was prompted by the arrival of New California Republic scouts at Hoover Dam. In order to establish his rule, he enlisted the help of tribes living in |Vegas (later known as the Three Families) and rebuilt the city just in time to welcome the arrival of the NCR army's advance forces. In exchange for help with Hoover Dam and permission to use the McCarran Airport as its headquarters, House signed the New Vegas treaty, ensuring cooperation from NCR and, for a time, protecting The Strip from annexation.

When the Courier (the main protagonist of Fallout: New Vegas) reaches New Vegas, Mr. House invites them to his private home in the Lucky 38 penthouse, where he reveals the truth behind what has been going on: the package the Courier was nearly killed for by Benny was "The Platinum Chip", a device created for Mr. House immediately before the war but never delivered due to the end of the world. Benny had stolen the Platinum Chip as part of a plot to take over New Vegas himself.

Choosing to side with any of the other factions, Mr. House must eventually be eliminated from the equation, either through killing him or disabling his control over his systems. This is done by using a secret terminal next to his monitor, which unlocks the secret chamber where his ancient, hideously decrepit original body is located in a life support pod. Even if House is placed back into his pod, exposure to outside bacteria means that he will not survive for little more than a year at most.

The one act in particular that truly pushes Mr. House into "villain" territory is when he orders the killing of the Brotherhood of Steel, who describes as "terrorists", "militant quasi-religious fanatics" and "emotionally unstable techno-fetishists". While the order to deal with the Brotherhood is by the other factions the Courier can side with, there is no alternative peaceful solution that House will recognize, so in order to side with him the Brotherhood have to be murdered. However, it's worth noting that in the Independent Vegas ending, if the player has spared the Brotherhood of Steel, they invade and take over the HELIOS One power plant once the NCR leaves the Mojave, and begin attacking travelers in the region to steal any high-tech weapons and equipment they might have. This shows that Mr. House's predictions about the Brotherhood becoming a major threat were actually correct.

Another particularly evil act House will commit is during his ending, if the Courier eased tensions between the Kings and the NCR, accusing the Kings of "lying with a foreign invader", House will have his Securitrons massacre the gang to the last man after they resist his attempt of forcibly remove them from Freeside. However, conversely, if the Kings were encouraged into a war against the NCR, House will leave the Kings alone, seeing their attacks against the Republic as proof of their loyalty to New Vegas.


Initially, Mr. House is an utter mystery to virtually every denizen of the Mojave Wasteland. Few have ever seen him since the Great War, let alone conversed with him. As a result of his seclusion in his casino, the Lucky 38, the Omertas, one of the Three Families than run the Strip in his name, resent Mr. House, seeing him as an ineffective leader due to his neutrality in the numerous feuds between the Families, calling him by the nickname "Not-At-Home".

Once the protagonist of Fallout: New Vegas is introduced to Mr. House, the latter gradually reveals to the former his true self. Mr. House has a towering intellect, which contributes greatly to his somewhat arrogant nature. He often treats the player (if one were to work for Mr. House) as a low-level employee of his, until towards the end of the game, where he sees the player as a possible protege. He has a disdain of democracy and political freedom, stating that "if you want to see the fate of democracies, look out the windows (referencing to the nuclear holocaust that resulted from the Great War between the US and other powers)." Mr. House states that he is largely unconcerned, however, with how others conduct themselves in private, as he only looks to the progression of humanity. He is focused in his plans to lead mankind into a newer, better era, and believes that he is key to humankind's survival and future.

When the player inquires about his collection of snow globes, Mr. House states that he finds something soothing in the small enclosed environments, and says that it is his hobby when on the subject.


  • Mr. House was born on June 25th, 2020.

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