You will be a part of my collection.
~ Mr Invisible to Paperinik.

Mr. Invisible is one of the many antagonist of Paperinik and later the main antagonist of the Papernova series. An invisible man who views every attractions and paintings as a part of his collection.

Paperinik Series

After the defeats of Dr. Hach-Mack, Twin Boys and Zafire he appears in a program where he states that he has no problems in fighting Paperinik and take him down.

Paperinik begun to track him and found him in a museum where he is stealing famous paintings, Paperinik tried to attack but he is rapidly petrified by Mr Invisible weapon, the latter happy about his victory he keeps Paperinik as a part of his collection.

He is later caught off-guards when Paperinik managed to free himself and used a scan to see his invisible a body and defeat him.

He later returns to fight Paperinik again, this time he used a weapon capable of erasing memontarialy people memories, Paperinik defeated him again by reflecting the beam of the weapon to Mr Invisible.

Papernova Series

He reappered as the main antagonist of one of Papernova stories, here he uses moar types of weapons including advanced robots.



  • He shares some elements from the DC villain Gentleman Ghost.
  • Despite his popularity he did not took part of the Bad Seven.
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