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Mr. Kreel is a major antagonist in the video game Twisted Metal: Black. He appears in Dollface's story.


Mr. Kreel is a skilled craftsman who creates masks and puppets for various people. He has only one employee: a secretary.

One day, Mr. Kreel's secretary accidentally spills coffee on some of his papers. He sees what happens and becomes very angry. Instead of firing his secretary, he traps her head inside a doll-shaped mask. By using a special key, Mr. Kreel locks the mask to ensure it will stay closed permanently.

The same woman enters the Twisted Metal tournament to recover the key and use it to remove her mask. She steals a dark semi truck and adopts the name Dollface.

When Dollface wins Twisted Metal, she finds the key to her mask. However, it is connected to an iron maiden coffin. In the center of the coffin is Mr. Kreel who is gagged and duct taped. The coffin is connected to a trigger that is weighed down by the key. Dollface realizes that if she takes the key then the coffin will close, thus killing Mr. Kreel. After thinking for a moment, she takes the key. She doesn't show any remorse or pity for the death of her former employer.

After Dollface leaves, she exclaims that there are a lot of people like Mr. Kreel who must be stopped.


Mr. Kreel wears a white shirt with brown pants and suspenders. His entire head is bald and his face is shaven. He appears to be in his 50's or 60's.


According to Dollface's statements of him, Mr. Kreel is a sadistic and embittered person, the moment Dollface made a mistake and accidentally spill coffee on some important documents, he becomes enraged and mercilessly pins her down to place her head inside of a doll-shaped mask.

Moments before his death, Mr. Kreel squirms for his life (since he's bound and gagged in a chair, to an iron maiden) and he only glances at Dollface when she takes the key and ends his life.


  • Mr. Kreel made Sweet Tooth's mask.
  • Mr. Kreel is what motivated Dollface to compete in Twisted Metal in the first place. Ironically, Dollface decided not to use the key. According to her epilogue, the mask will keep her face looking pretty.


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