No one can see me in this darkness! No one no one no one noooooooooo-one!
~ Mr. Luggs

Mr. Luggs is one of the Portrait Ghosts released by King Boo in Luigi's Mansion. Mr. Luggs is a glutton ghost that died after eating himself to death. He is found in Area 2 after defeating Melody Pianissima.


Luigi finds Mr. Luggs in the Dinning Room. The room is empty and only Mr. Luggs' sounds are heard until Luigi lights the unlit candles. Mr. Luggs becomes visible and is seen constantly eating and being served by two ghost waitress. Luigi vacuums them so they don't bring any more food to Mr. Luggs. Once Luigi vacuums Mr. Luggs' meal, he becomes enraged and attacks Luigi spitting fire balls at him. In order to defeat Mr. Luggs, Luigi must wait until he passes out and becomes vulnerable, allowing Luigi to capture him.



  • Mr. Luggs is one of the few portrait ghosts to be optional and not necessary to capture to progress in the game, the others being Jarvis, Slim Bankshot, Biff Atlas and Sue Pea.
  • Mr. Luggs may be a reference to Mr. Creosote, a character from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, who was also an incredibly obese man who literally ate himself to death.
  • Even before Luigi enters the Dinning Room, the player can hear Mr. Luggs eating in the hallway if Luigi goes near the room, similar to how Melody's piano can be heard from the Conservatory.
  • Mr. Luggs may also look similar to The Glutton from the Muppets franchise.


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