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He's often been compared to an Ape, which he takes as a compliment. He hates it when people don't take him seriously.
~ Mr. Macbeth's bio.
So yo' the one causing all the trouble. I didn’t 'spect to have to use this.
~ Mr. Macbeth confronting Henry Stickmin before fighting him.

Mr. Macbeth, also known as the Conductor, is a supporting antagonist in Completing the Mission, the sixth and final installment of the Henry Stickmin video-game series. He is a high ranking member of the Toppat Clan and acts as the operator of the Toppat Train.


Little Nest Egg

His most villainous role is in the Little Nest Egg pathway where he serves as the main antagonist. When Henry successfully escapes the other Toppats, he is alerted about it and complains about having to do everything himself before stopping the train. He then confronts Henry with a laser gun and begins a fight with him, clearly parodying Undertale.

If the player decides to spare him, he will rant about Henry not taking him seriously before shooting him with an unavoidable laser beam attack, resulting in a FAIL.

If the player selects the Attack option, Henry will attack him, but only deals one damage. Mr. Macbeth then shoots Henry and kills him, resulting in a FAIL.

If the player bribes him, he declines the offer stating the money isn’t even Henry’s, and shoots him, resulting in a FAIL/

If the player chooses the mirror, Mr. Macbeth will shoot Henry with a laser, but it reflects back at him and reduces him to a pile of ash (like what happens to monsters in Undertale), and Henry wins the battle.

Capital Gains

Mr. Macbeth is the secondary antagonist.

When Henry and Ellie shoot the top of the tunnel, it gets covered with rocks. When one of the Toppats tells Mr. Macbeth to stop the train, he looks ahead and sees the rock covered tunnel, gasping in fear and shock. He contacts the Right Hand Man, telling him the train is in trouble and he can’t stop it before crashing the train, presumably killing him and the other Toppats.

Other Pathways

  • At the end of the Special BROvert Ops ending, he is one of the Toppats exiting the rocket to be arrested by the Government
  • He also appears in the Valiant Hero pathway. If the player choses the luxury pod, he can be seen as one of the Toppats sitting in it, proving him to be a high ranking member. Mr. Macbeth and other Toppats kill Henry and Charles.
  • He is also seen briefly in the cafeteria during the Triple Threat pathway, however he is not seen dancing when the player chooses the diversion option.


Little Nest Egg

Do I have to do everything myself?!
~ Mr. Macbeth after hearing that Henry is inside the train.
... This money ain't even yours, kid.
~ Mr. Macbeth when Henry tries to bribe him.
He's not takin' me seriously!
~ Mr. Macbeth after Henry tries to spare him.

Capital Gains

Boss! The train's in trouble. I can't stop iiiiit-!!
~ Mr. Macbeth before the train crashes.



  • According to his bio, people often compare him to an ape, in which he takes as a compliment.
    • It also states he hates when people don't take him seriously, which comes into play when Henry tries to spare him, which results in him getting killed.
  • He is the only member of the Toppat Clan to have a wrinkled forehead(Which implies that he is very old).
  • Mr. Macbeth is the second most appearing minor Toppat in Completing the Mission, tied with Wallace Dagwood, Leprechaun and Carol Cross at five appearances, only being behind Fredrick Muenster at six appearances.