~ Mr. Mellard yelling at Benson for Mordecai and Rigby's actions.
Sounds like a personal problem. GET THAT CART FIXED OR YOU'RE FIRED!
~ Maellard threatening Benson to get the cart fixed or he will be fired.

Mr. Maellard is a supporting character in Regular Show. He is the owner of the park and Benson's boss (as well as the boss of all the other workers of the park), is also the father of Pops and the husband of Mrs. Maellard. While not normally an antagonist, he is very well-known for his screaming that is the worst way to the screams from Benson.

He was voiced by the late David Ogden Stiers (who passed away in 2018, one year after the series ended), who also played Governor John Ratcliffe in Pocahontas.

Roles in Regular Show

In "Dizzy", he forces his son pops to make a speech in front of a crowd and forces Benson Pops to help prepare for the speech or will be fired from his post of the park (as well as fire Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, Salta, Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost)

In "Benson Be Gone", he becomes the secondary antagonist and demotes Benson from manager when Mordecai and Rigby crashing his limo in his office and being blamed for things Mordecai and Rigby, he hires a woman named Susan, who turns out to be worse than Benson when she turns all the park employee's (except Benson) after Benson returns to help his employees from Susan's influence she reveals herself to be a demon and turns into a giant, when Mr. Maellard confronts her, she threatens him and picks him up, he begs Benson to help him, giving him his job back and the keys to his limo, but Leon (a former park manager whom Benson befriended earlier) sacrifices himself and drives his limo into Susan's high heels causing her to lose her balance and fall to her death saving Maellard, Benson and the rest of the park employee's. Afterwards he thanks Benson for saving him.

In "Busted Cart", he is seen with Benson when inspecting the park to Mordecai and Rigby intervene when the crash of cards in a tree Benson then screams Mordecai and Rigby up Maellard screams Benson himself and brings to his office, then cries in Benson once again reminding him is responsible for the actions of Mordecai and Rigby and forces him to drive the chariot across the country before the warranty expires otherwise will be fired.

In “Lunch Club”, he forces either Benson or Rigby write a resignation letter after Rigby ruins the party at the park sleeping through on the lawn mower. He blames Benson for mismanaging. Eventually, he decides to keep both after Pops convinces him their contributions were valuable to the Park.

In "The Dome Experiment" he serves as the main antagonist in which he allows his employees (including Pops) to be trapped in the dome to be experimented in exchanged for money by the government after Benson figures it out he and the rest of the park workers managed to escape from the dome where they are confronted by Maellard where he tells them that they finished the experiment, Mordecai asks him the plan was to trapped them with no warning, Maellard confirms this, an angry Benson confronts Maellard why he did to which her responds he did because he wanted to see the park and its employee's would do in a zombie apocalypse but his employee's dont buy it so Benson threatens him and after convincing from Pops he admits that he put a dome on the park simply because of his wealth and nothing more to which the Park employees finally gets the hint but before he leaves he tell Benson he got the date wrong to which Benson cheers about him being right as Meallard and the other tanks leave.

He passed away in the series finale 25 years after his son's death.


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