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You little liar!
~ Manners screaming at Beavis after the latter accused him of molestation.
Oh, you're goin' down, soldier boy!
~ Manners before his attempted fight with Bradley.

Mr. Manners (alternatively known by his alias Mr. Candy (Mr. Candy-Ass by Coach Buzzcut) ) is a recurring antagonist from the animated series Beavis and Butt-head appearing as the main antagonist in both of his appearances.

Although uncredited, he was voiced by David Spade, who also voiced Kuzco.


Manners Suck

In this episode, he appears as a motivational speaker attending Highland High to teach the students about good manners. He winds up putting Beavis & Butt-Head in several dramatized scenarios with the duo slowly driving him more angry. Eventually Manners flips out and prepares to attack Beavis after the latter says that he touched him, just as this happens Mr. Van Driessen enters the classroom and engages in a fight with Manners upon seeing him attack Beavis. The fight escalates outside of the classroom. He presumably won his fight against Van Driessen although this is unconfirmed. It’s also implied that the school called the authorities and had Mr. Manners arrested for threatening the students.

Candy Sale

In his next appearance Manners returns to Highland High under the alias Mr. Candy where he brings the idea for the students to sell chocolate bars to the residents of Highland. His plan initially succeeds as many of the students do actually sell the chocolate, however Beavis and Butt-Head managed to only sell one bar to Mr. Anderson for half price and "sold" each other bars simply by trading the $1 each they made to each other. Enraged Mr. Candy prepares to attack the duo again enraged that they have screwed him over again before Coach Buzzcut hears the commotion and intervenes, Candy then makes an attempt at attacking Buzzcut who angrily challenges him to a fight. Foolishly Candy accepts and is harshly beaten by Buzzcut off-screen.

Manner's fate after this is ultimately unknown however it is possible that he simply continued with his normal job and never returned to Highland or was possibly arrested again, as he was trying to harm Beavis and Butt-Head again.


  • Despite never having a main role outside of his two episodes, he has appeared in a few cameo roles in other episodes.



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