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Remember, you're a nobody. A PA. A public accountant! And I am a CPA. A certified public accountant! A rank a miserable little worm like yourself could never hope to achieve!
~ Mr. Marks putting Leo down.
What's goin' on in here?! Do I smell the revolting stench of self-esteem?
~ Mr. Marks after Leo begins feeling pride in himself.

Mr. Marks is a minor villain in Mel Brooks' musical masterpiece The Producers. He is the cruel boss of Leo Bloom and constantly insults all of his workers and puts them down.

He was portrayed by Jon Lovitz in the 2005 film adaption, who also played Emperor Tod Spengo in Mom and Dad Save the World, The Peeper in Little Nicky, T.R. Chula in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, Artie Ziff in The Simpsons, and Quasimodo Wilson in Hotel Transylvania.


Mr. Marks has been shown to be a very sadistic person in nature, as he constantly enjoys putting down his workers by insulting them and in one scene he scares one of them and then laughs cruelly at the workers dismay. He is also shown to hate self-esteem and anyone who feels pride in themselves. He actually says that himself in one scene.

In the film

He had a minor role in the film. He first appears when Leo comes back to his job of accounting. Mr. Marks chatises him by telling him that he is a nobody and that he could never hope to achieve great things. He then leaves the room after scaring one of his workers and cruelly laughing.

Mr. Marks come back after Leo fantises about being a producer and feels pride in himself. Leo gets up and starts to leave the building only to be stopped by his sadistic boss, who tells him that he's already had his toilet break. Leo tells him that he's not going into the toilet, he's going into show business! He then quits his job, much to Marks surprise. Leo then insults Mr. Marks by saying "And Mr. Marks you were right about one thing, you are a CPA. A certified public A$$hole!" He hands Mr. Marks his old accounting items back and finishes off his song. While Leo is finishing his song, on of the chorus girls (Who was singing along with him) gets out a long strip of paper and chases Mr. Marks and ties and gags him up with the paper.

Mr. Marks appears along with the rest of the films cast in a post-credits scene, telling the viewers to get out now that the film has finished. He appears untied however, with chorus girls around him.

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