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They say he died inside the suit, and they didn't find him for days after. The humidity... it made the body... well, it was really difficult performing an autopsy, let's just say that.
~ The caption for the only appearance of Mr. Mascot.

Mr. Mascot is an urban legend created by Trevor Henderson. He appears to be a gigantic blue mascot suit, and is implied to be a human that died inside and subsequently possessed the suit, coming back to life through unknown means.


Mr. Mascot made this first and currently only appearance on October 15, 2018, when Trevor Henderson posted his image on the internet. While there isn't much information given about him, we can guess Mr. Mascot's origins based on the caption given by Trevor.

The caption mentions that an unknown man died inside the mascot suit, and his body wasn't found until several days after. Thanks to the high humidity inside the suit, which may have been caused by the lack of an efficient cooling system, the body was somehow affected in such a way that an autopsy was difficult to perform. In the actual picture, Mr. Mascot is seen on a road dragging a bloodied body behind him, having most likely murdered the man. Comparing the body to Mr. Mascot shows that the suit is about 10-15 feet tall, easily larger than most average mascot suits. This has led some to theorize that the suit was never actually meant to be worn.

Based on the caption and image, we can infer what most likely happened to Mr. Mascot. Originally, he was a normal man who one day saw the mascot suit most likely hidden somewhere. Curiosity got the better of this person and he put it on, despite the suit being too big for him. After a while, the man began to get hot inside the suit, but he must have been unable to take it off and escape. Slowly, the man died inside the suit. His body was undiscovered for a few days, and when it was, it was unrecognizable enough that an autopsy was difficult. After an unknown amount of time, Mr. Mascot somehow came back to life, and was able to move around the suit despite its size. He now most likely murders people, though the exact reason why is unknown.


Mr. Mascot appears to be a blue, chubby mascot suit with fake fur on it. When comparing its size to the body it is carrying, the suit seems to be about 10-15 feet tall. The head has an open, gaping mouth and wide eyes, with two antennas sticking out from the head.


While Mr. Mascot's personality has not been revealed yet, he is most likely an undead person who is angry at what has happened to him, which causes him to murder others. However, this theory hasn't been confirmed, meaning that he could be murdering others for another reason.


  • Mr. Mascot was made by Trevor Henderson, a famous Canadian artist who is known for creating numerous other monsters and urban legends, such as the infamous Siren Head and Cartoon Cat.
  • Mr. Mascot's face slightly resembles that of the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.