It is I, the Master of Evil known by the masterful name of Mister Master!
~ Mr. Master introducing himself to Kaz.

Mister Master is the archenemy of Knoble Knight and Decibel Destroyer from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. He appears in the episode Manga Madness Part II.

He was voiced by Corey Burton.


Mister Master wants to rule the manga universe because he never got his Ph.D. in college. Mister Master has grey hair and a red suit/cape. The middle of the suit has a purple M on it.

Once Kaz arrived in the manga issue, Mr. Master took Kaz to his lair. Once Ami and Yumi rescued Kaz with a magic pencil and eraser, Mister Master wanted the pencil and eraser.

He wants to get his advanced degree so he will be known as Doctor Mister Master. Ami and Yumi used the pencil and eraser to make a copy machine to make them and Kaz leave the book, leaving Mister Master frustrated.


  • "So, thought you outsmarted me? With these, I can rule the two-dimensional universe and finally get my Ph.D.! Then, I will be a Doctor Mister Master, Master of the World!"
  • "Now then, you ladies are next!"
  • "I must have those weapons!"
  • "So, thought you could escape me?"
  • "What's this?"
  • "No, I will complete my master plan. I will get my advanced degree! I will..."


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