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Tadashi, what is wrong with you? you shoot like an old blind woman. You bring shame on your family!
~ Mr. Moto

Mr. Moto is the leader of the New York City Yakuza and a recurring antagonist in the FX TV series Archer. He is the main antagonist of the third season episode "Drift Problem" and the fifth season episode "A Debt of Honor".

He is voiced by George Takei, who also played Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, Warlord Shank in Space Cases, Mr. Fixx in Batman Beyond, Emperor Yoshiro in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Lok Durd in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Ricardio in Adventure Time.


Mr. Moto first appeared in the episode Drift Problem where Archer suspects him of stealing his new car that his mother Malory gave him for his birthday and the one that Kreiger built. After a car chase, Malory shot Mr. Moto to protect her son and revealed that she was the one who took the car in order to teach her son responsibility.

Mr. Moto was thought to be dead until he returned in the Archer Vice episode A Debt of Honor where he goes after Pam for stealing amphetamines that cost one million dollars. Mr. Moto tries to kill Pam for what she has done until Archer carefully sneaks out of the mansion and onto the streets of New York. After taking Mr. Moto's limo driver, Archer negotiated a deal with Mr. Moto about the drugs Pam Stole. To make up for Pam's crimes, Archer gave Mr. Moto cocaine worth five million dollars for free.


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