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I guarantee absolute satisfaction - 100% of the time.
~ One of Mr. Nasty's quotes from the manual.
I honor pain.
~ One of Mr. Nasty's quotes from his website.

Mr. Nasty is the unseen overarching antagonist of the controversial 2003 video game Manhunt. He is the mascot and CEO of Valiant Video Enterprises, the main antagonistic force of Manhunt.



Mr. Nasty is the anonymous "face" of Lionel Starkweather's film business and is believed to be the main villain behind the game's events, although he is only mentioned and pictured in the game's instruction manual, and on the game's cover art. Mr. Nasty is the financial backer and producer of the snuff ring under Valiant Video Enterprises. He sells all manner of things from gimp masks to snuff movies from the hunts.

In the game manual, references to Mr. Nasty are accompanied by a picture of a man in a Skinz hockey mask, who also appears on the game's cover art, indicating that Mr. Nasty may have been a member of the Skinz. A photograph of a Hoods member attributed to Mr. Nasty has the written caption "me", which implies that Mr. Nasty was once a member of the Hoods.

Due to Cash killing Starkweather and all of their main attractions, including their henchmen, Mr. Nasty's snuff film's were most likely crippled due to the lack of workers. However, it's unlikely that he was ever caught and arrested and/or killed for his actions due to only ever showing up as a mascot on the internet and remaining anonymous the entirety of the game.

On the other hand, since Mr. Nasty does in fact have all the footage from Manhunt (evidenced by cut-scenes with recordings from security cameras and body-cams on SWAT members), he could still easily make another snuff film ring with the money he could easily make from everything Cash did after he was supposed to die when he was betrayed.

Grand Theft Auto IV Theory

The Fixer shares many similarities with Mr. Nasty. The both of them talk in a similar way (albeit The Fixer has no voice modifier) by never being impolite and always remaining calm. He sends you on non-descript missions to kill specific people and he could easily use the city's security cameras to make snuff films that Liberty City's underworld would clearly enjoy.

While he does treat all his missions like regular jobs, you can tell he gets some kind of pleasure in it by his tone of voice, and you never see him in person, much like Mr. Nasty. He also already knows who Niko Bellic is before he's even introduced himself, including his name and that he's after a lot of money, likely having been spying on him due to his reputation and being able to profit from Niko's crimes.


  • Manhunt: starring James Earl Cash
  • Let's Play Ramirez Says: starring Ramirez
  • White Rabbits Down The Hole: starring White Rabbit
  • Here Bunny, Bunny, Bunny: starring the White Rabbit
  • The Tramp Who Knew Too Much: starring The Tramp and Scarecrow
  • Piggsy's Greatest Hits: starring Piggsy
  • Piggsy's Bloopers: starring Piggsy
  • Who let the (War) Dogs Out?: starring Wardogs
  • The Hoods Take Carcer: starring The Hoods
  • White Trash Bash: starring the Skinz
  • Hittin' the Skinz: starring the Skinz
  • CCPD Brutality Caught on Tape: starring the Carcer City Police Department
  • Starkweather's Ramrod Rodeo: starring Lionel Starkweather
  • View of Innocence: starring The Innocentz





  • In an Easter egg that gives the player the cheat code for god mode, once you beat the game a short video clip plays that shows a robotic chef speaking backwards, revealing Mr. Nasty recorded the game's events over a children's cartoon VHS tape.
  • His name is a possible reference to an incident that occurred in London in 1994 where a man named Tom Halloran was caught selling banned videos such as Faces of Death to children; the tabloid newspaper News of the World reported the story with the headline "Mr. Nasty Sells Death Videos to our Kids". As this article was later reprinted in at least one book covering the British "video nasty" scare, the Manhunt developers could conceivably have come across it in their research.
  • Mr. Nasty could be the one who provides most of the weapons throughout the levels of Manhunt, seeing how he offers many weapons in the shop of his website. He also sells items so that viewers of his snuff films can make their own snuff films. The following is a list of those items:
    • Plastic Bags - $30
    • Latex Gloves - $9.99
    • Latex Gloves' Pouch - $20
    • Professional VHS NTSC Tapes SHRS - $17.99
    • Wooden Bat - $150
    • Garrote - $29
    • Hammer - $20
    • Cleaver - $15
    • Gimp Mask - $200
    • Sickle - $300
    • Nightstick - $155
    • Machete - $70
    • Chainsaw - $500
  • In the game's manual, Mr. Nasty is selling the recordings of Manhunt on DVD and VHS for $25.
    • The missions "Born Again", "Strapped for Ca$h", and "Mouth of Madness" each received 4 out of 5 stars in their reviews while the missions "White Trash" and "View of Innocence" both received 5 out of 5 star ratings. It's unknown what ratings the other 15 missions received.
  • One of the Babyfaces of the Innocentz gang mentions a "Mr. Nasty-man" when looking for Cash or chasing him down, which could be a reference to Mr. Nasty running in numerous gangs before going anonymous.

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