Mr. Osato is the secondary antagonist in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice.

He was portrayed by the late Teru Shimada.


A henchman of Ernst Stavro Blofeld and head of Osato Chemicals and Engineering. He is always assisted by Helga Brandt, a young German woman working as his devoted henchwoman and personal secretary.

After the murder of Dikko Henderson, Bond's ally, Bond finds evidence in a safe at Osato Chemicals And Engineering, which leads to Spectre and the movie's main plot.

In order to see if there is a connection between him and Spectre, Bond makes an appointment with him under the disguise of Mr. Fisher. After the meeting, Mr. Osato orders Helga Brandt, his minion and Spectre 11, to kill Bond.

But the sexy Helga decides to get herself a bit of pleasure with Bond and fails. Osato accuses her in front of Blofeld and the imploring Helga is cruelly punished for her only failure when Blofeld throw her in a piranha tank, where she is teared to the bones and dies screaming. Mr. Osato is forced to kill James Bond alone, with an imposter ninja and poison, which both fail. Later, Mr. Osato is shot and killed by Blofeld for failure.



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